1. mikeyslax

    gecko aluminum, kiwiklimber ascender $400

    I upgraded to the new edelrid spurs so getting rid of these. gecko aluminums upgraded with buckingham velcro bottom strap, and kiwiklimber spike ascender v.2 and knee ascender attachment. has original gecko tree gaffs (in excellent shape) and also the kiwiklimbers titanium pole gaffs. this is...
  2. M

    Rock climbing harness in the tree?

    I am helping a friend put together some basic equipment for securing himself in his pine tree. He has a drone and he wants to get up high and see the drone above the treetops =) He will have steps mounted on the tree for easy climbing, but for security I'm thinking SRT rope with an Petzel ID...
  3. Brandon Pankey

    Hitchhiker with zigzag+?

    Seasoned climber here. Worked all over the country in all different species. Currently doing utility climbing in the PNW. As anyone who's done utiluty work knows, it's a different ballgame compared to private work. 15-20 climbs a day means we aren't setting ropes before we climb, and yes we are...
  4. SRT Equalizer Redirect Recreational Tree Climbing

    SRT Equalizer Redirect Recreational Tree Climbing

    This is my first attempt at using the Equalizer Redirect, a technique that I first saw demonstrated by Lawrence Schultz in the Schultz Effect video series.
  5. S

    Akimbo Tips and Tricks?

    Hey everyone, I snagged an akimbo during Black Friday and remember seeing a post here awhile back that had some tricks on using the akimbo for work. The one that sticks out in my head was a way to draw the tail end of your climbing line through the connecting carabiner and using it to soft lock...
  6. The Tree Fella

    My gear.

    I got a petzl sequoia harness. A split tail for blakes with micro pulley set up and two hand ascenders one has a footloop. I got a wore core lanyard 2 steel rigging caribiners and 2 aluminum. A 372 xp . 200ft of either vortex. Or velocity and 150 ft of old climbing line i use for rigging. 2 omni...
  7. The Tree Fella

    New to tree buzz

    Hello everyone just saying im here now and i will be posting frequently. I will show my gear tomarrow. Im 19 with around 7 years experience with tree work mostly logging and brush at first but now a few years aborist doing large removals right down to ornamental pruning ive done cableing and...
  8. John@TreeXP

    SRT, DdRT, DRT & Now DmRT

    While arguing over acronyms on another TB thread, and when researching this issue independently, it became abundantly evident that there is yet another climbing method, in addition to DRT, SRT & DdRT. DRT, DdRT and DmRT are all different. DmRT uses both legs of single climbing line that’s...
  9. FreeFallin

    SAKA Mini Knee Ascender Gear Review

    This seems like the right place for this video since it is specific to SRT. Finally got around to doing a gear review for the SAKA Mini, with some things I have learned climbing on it for the last few months.
  10. Spencer Bowers-Biasi

    Sterling WorkPro 11mm?

    Anyone using Workpro 11mm? How does it compare to HTP 11mm or Kernmaster 11mm? I have looked through all the spec sheets.
  11. bc tree climber

    rope wrench hitches

    I'm new to the forum, dose anybody have any suggestions for hitch cord for use with kern HTP 11mm with the rope wrench, i have been using ultra tech 8mm by sampson and its seems to finicky, also i tie a VT. thanks
  12. TrimALimb

    Unicender Modification

    I have had this RE Unicender for about 3 years and have never used it much because I did not care for how it functioned slack tending. I added a couple bearings and a fixed gate (parts I salvaged from my daughters old razor scooter) to help with slack tending and to keep the rope trapped along...
  13. Tepalcure

    ISC D4 for sale

    Selling a brand new unused ISC D4 belay device/ descender. No box. But it’s never left the workshop. Selling as I have no use for it. Very versatile nice piece of kit. 150EUR 0r 180USD+ shipping Or pickup in Stockholm, Sweden PM me
  14. FreeFallin

    SCAM 3:1 MA and Remotely Retrievable Redirect

    Hey all, I have been playing around with this for the last few months and I think there is enough here to release it into the wild. I am calling it Single Carabiner Access Method (SCAM), because it needed a simple name, and the ideas are likely a conglomeration of things I ripped off ;) As a...
  15. FreeFallin

    Device ID, What is this thing?

    Was watching a video from the Climbing Arborist today and noticed a device I haven't come accross yet, can someone tell me what he is climbing on? Not sure if he is on the buzz.
  16. TREEfool

    Batman Goes Tree Climbing...

    I had an interesting climb a few days ago. Words really can't explain it. Check out the video above.
  17. FreeFallin

    Akimbo Rec Ride on Blue Moon

    Slowly pushing my limits when I get the chance, this was about 45 feet up a 70 foot burl oak, lots going on here with my current setup. I am still not sure about the shoulder straps and pulley, but they do keep me vertical so I can let go and chill at any point without hanging from my arms. The...
  18. Richard Mumford-yoyoman

    Lanyard Assisted SAKA Rope Walker for TIP (Tie-in-point) Back-up.

    Lanyard Assisted SAKA Rope Walker for TIP (Tie-in-point) Back-up. Equipment used: Onyx climbing harness by New Tribe with adjustable rope bridge. Foot ascender (My own version soon available from Climbing Innovations SAKA Self Advancing Knee Ascender for hands free ascents by...
  19. the.schultz.effect

    CEU's for the Schultz Effect!

    Watch the entire Schultz Effect, go to then take this quiz. E-mail your answers to along with your full name and ISA certification number and i will submit it to the ISA. If you pass the test you will receive 1.5 CEU's. You must e-mail me from the e-mail...
  20. ARLO

    SRS Speed Climb Event?

    Now that SRS is becoming so popular with arborists I am wondering if there would be any interest in adding a SRS speed climbing event to some of the competitions? Specifically, I am thinking about an open event where competitors could use any non-motorized SRS method to climb 100 m (or maybe...

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