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Any feedback on the Altec knuckle boom set up ? I’m looking at the bigger option. I’m out here in Hawaii and am worried about going with palfinger or Effer because the closest Technician/mechanics are in California on the West Coast. Would palfinger or effer fly out here for updates and services on my crane ? Concerned about downtown. I’d appreciate feedback
You’re so quiet lately man. Hope all is as well as can be during all this.
Holler if you’re ever back in WNY and wanna climb a tree :)
Hey you mentioned about attachments at a discount...
About to purchase an SK800 (debating new vs used (850 hrs).. and exploring sources for attachments ..
agree totally about buying them from dealer...
Being in Dothan, might be good to just take a trip up to the Blue Diamond factory in Knoxville and write of the vacation by picking up an attachment or three...

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