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You replied to a post about a job in SC. I am in NH and have a job position for a climber/bucket operator. We are a local family owned business with 2 crane crews, 2 buckets and a 90' lift. We are growing and are trying to expand the functionality of all these crews as we move them around out of necessity.
let me know if you are interested.
my company is Burke's Tree Service LLC
My number is (603) 817-9445

Nice to see Sen. Paul Wellstone included in a JFK/RFK comment. Minnesota has sent some wonderful people to Washington I so miss the work he did for us. Sen. Al Franken is missed too.

There is a mis-fire though with Pillow Man...sorry

Part-time residential developer clearing my own lots for new homes
I need help locating a salvage yard that might have a late 50's/early 60's Ford 292 Y-Block wood chipper with a blown engine. Need to replace the manual clutch, but do not know the manufacturer. Any ideas? Much appreciated.

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