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I work for a cool company in Olympia called Olympia Tree Care. Let me know if you have questions. We're pretty much always hiring likeable people.
Chris Schultz
Chris Schultz
Sweet dude!! What’s your “winter” season like? Things pretty much slow to a crawl for me when the snow flies….. I’d love to come out for a “working interview” if possible during the winter months if possible. How far is Olympia from Hood River/White Salmon area?
We work through the winter full time. The temperature rarely drops below 40 degrees, and while it does rain it doesn't usually pour. I came here from Vermont where in winter it was hard to keep your body temp regulated. Here I almost never have to put gloves on.

Hood River is about 2.5 hrs, I believe, 1 hr to Portland and Seattle.

My boss's name is Ronnie Hoover, you should hit him up if you want to!

I'd really like to see your 72' lift while its working. Let me know if I can meet you on a job someday to watch.


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