Akimbo Tips and Tricks?


Hey everyone, I snagged an akimbo during Black Friday and remember seeing a post here awhile back that had some tricks on using the akimbo for work. The one that sticks out in my head was a way to draw the tail end of your climbing line through the connecting carabiner and using it to soft lock off, I think?

Obviously my memory on it isn't spot on and I have searched everywhere I could think to search and can't find the posts again.

So, what tips or tricks have you all figured out to use with the Akimbo?


Soft lock off is great when reconfiguring your rope’s termination or when passing the device around a limb while detached from the bridge.
You’re correct, bring a bight from below the device through the connecting biner and up over the device.

Flip the Weaver chest harness attachment point, the flat side fits right into the tending point, no micro biner needed. F7E75452-5995-47A1-88CC-5B652FC926DD.jpeg
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