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0219182206.jpg 0219182207.jpg 0219182220.jpg 0219182221.jpg 0219182222.jpg 0219182222a.jpg 0219182224.jpg 0219182226.jpg 0219182259.jpg I have had this RE Unicender for about 3 years and have never used it much because I did not care for how it functioned slack tending. I added a couple bearings and a fixed gate (parts I salvaged from my daughters old razor scooter) to help with slack tending and to keep the rope trapped along with a custom built tether for a Rope Wrench to add to the system. The tether is made out of a Black Diamond 10mm dynex runner 30 CM 22KN that I cut, reconfigured and sewn together. I then sleeved it with a 1/2" tent pole splint and added the marine heat shrink tubing for a finished look. Splint was 4 bucks and sling was 6.50 at REI.
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Nice work!
One question about this setup Do you still need to put the tail of your rope over the top of the device for controlled decent?

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