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SRT Equalizer Redirect Recreational Tree Climbing

This is my first attempt at using the Equalizer Redirect, a technique that I first saw demonstrated by Lawrence Schultz in the Schultz Effect video series.
Is this more for balance (ie having 2 anchor points stabilizing you), or mech-advantage for work-position since you're using (2:1 or 3:1 I think?)
Am almost through his Youtubes and'll be getting the Schultz Effect then (how's the rigging section? Is it a large portion, relatively-speaking?) Am also just getting into 2-system-SRT ie going up my line but bringing a 90' spool-with-anchor up with me that I can set & hitch to once in-canopy for wider-range/easier movement, sadly haven't made much use of it yet but can tell I'll be in 'the right situation', where it makes all the difference in the world, sometime soon enough! Good tool for the kit IMO :)

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