1. G

    Are these Arborvitaes dieing?

    I am a new homeowner and a newbie when it comes to planting trees. I live in Morris County NJ and recently planted these Thuja Green Giant arborviae. They were delivered from a nursery in a burlap bag and my landscaper planted about 5 weeks ago. See the attached pictures. Some of the branches...
  2. kevin d.

    Tree Inventory Ethics

    Hey everyone, New to the buzzboard and starting a tree service, I have been asked to help with a management plan on a historic property, a non-profit. I want to do a tree inventory, and I'm planning on using ArborNote. I plan on charging for my time to complete the inventory, do I give them...
  3. RigBig

    Job Opportunity Athens GA

    Job opportunity in Athens GA for climber/arborist. Preferably ISA Certified and class A CDL. Part time and potential full time for right candidate. Small family owned business. Currently ran and operated by two brothers. We have 0 employees and run all service calls, sell, and perform all the...
  4. P

    Concerned about zipline killing trees

    Hello everyone, I built a DIY backyard zip line, and it goes across my pool. I know about the cambium layer in the tree, and I am a bit concerned about killing my 11.5-inch diameter oak trees. The zip line is wrapped around them, and it is 1/8 inch galvanized cable. I cut a section of garden...
  5. vsrs

    Tree workers, climbers, sawmen, operators, foreman all needed in NAPA.

    NAPA, California Crews Apply here ==> We are hiring workers / crews for work in NAPA, California. We are looking for workers who can report to work ASAP in NAPA. This job entails cutting and removing trees that have been already cut down. This is a 2 year...
  6. The Tree Fella

    My gear.

    I got a petzl sequoia harness. A split tail for blakes with micro pulley set up and two hand ascenders one has a footloop. I got a wore core lanyard 2 steel rigging caribiners and 2 aluminum. A 372 xp . 200ft of either vortex. Or velocity and 150 ft of old climbing line i use for rigging. 2 omni...
  7. C

    Alone Tree

    If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?
  8. K

    what tree is this?

    just wondering if anyone knows what tree is this? Thanks! [just added more images for reference] Geographical location: Fairfield, Solano - California - USA
  9. S

    Help Identify this tree

    Hello I was wondering if anyone can help me identify this tree ?
  10. B

    Is this tree dead?

    Hi everyone, This tree is in my front yard. It's got a big hole in the trunk, but the branches and the leaves are spectacular. Is it dead? Alive? Saveable? A dead tree just came down in our yard, so I'm wondering if this needs to come down too. Thanks very much for your help! -matt
  11. JD3000

    Tree Species Failure Profiles

    Any good resources out there? How about northern/northeast/midwest in particular?
  12. Lucas Tree Experts

    Distribution Supervisor in CT needed!

    ucas Tree Experts, a leader in the tree care industry, is looking for a Supervisor to join our Management Team. Strong supervisory background is required. This is a year round, full time, outdoor, physical labor opportunity. Duties include: supervising personnel in the various company...
  13. dadezbombz

    What type of tree can I plant?

    Good AM everyone, First time here. Just a homeowner looking for some advice. I recently had a tree removed from my yard by the town (we did not own the tree and it was diseased and about to die so they agreed to remove it) - it was located between the curb, and the sidewalk (see picture). Now...
  14. Lucas Tree Experts

    Tree Workers Needed!

    Lucas Tree Experts, a leader in the tree care industry, is looking for motivated individuals to join their team! No experience in the tree industry necessary! Lucas Tree Experts provides on the job training for those willing, able and interested in learning this skilled arboriculture trade...
  15. Aerial_Titans

    Best Safety Harnesses in the Business?

    I was curious to know, Aerial Titans sells safety harnesses to our customers, but we have been told by quite a few that they aren't the most comfortable. What are some of our fellow buzzers favorite/most practical safety harness used when cutting down trees ? When we sell Niftylift Cherry...
  16. arborworks

    Hiring Climbers (Chicagoland)

    Arborworks LLC is a tree services company in the Chicagoland area. We are looking for experienced Tree Climbers. Climbers with CDL Class A or B highly preferred, but not required. Competitive pay rates - based on experience. Employee Health Benefits included! If interested, please comment here...
  17. arborworks

    Seeking Experienced Tree Climbers with CDL Class A or B

    Arborworks LLC is a tree services company in the Chicagoland area. We are looking for experienced Tree Climbers with CDL Class A or B to join our team! Competitive pay rates - based on experience. Employee Health Benefits included! If interested, please comment here, send resume and/or...
  18. Camelot Tree & Shrub


    Growing TCIA ACCREDITED year-round municipal, commercial and residential growing Tree Care Company with a great reputation, founded in 1989 is currently interviewing for reliable, hardworking and career-seeking individuals to join our strong team of BCMA and certified arborists. Our company's...
  19. Jonathan SIlverstein

    Employee Wanted - Arborist Representative/Sales

    Company name: Wickes Arborists 11 McNamara Road, Spring Valley, NY 10977 (845) 354-3400 Website: Contact: 1. Major objectives A. Prospecting for new clients B. Maintain and grow current customer base...
  20. F

    Park Tree ID

    Hi everyone, I'm from California and currently an illustration major in college. I was recently assigned to do a study on a tree of my choice, so I took a trip to a local park and found this beautiful tree that caught my attention. I can't for the life of me, though, identify this tree's name...

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