Tree workers, climbers, sawmen, operators, foreman all needed in NAPA.


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NAPA, California Crews

Apply here ==>

We are hiring workers / crews for work in NAPA, California.

We are looking for workers who can report to work ASAP in NAPA.

This job entails cutting and removing trees that have been already cut down.

This is a 2 year contract.

60 hours a week.

We pay for hotel plus per diem.

Look below and select the job(s) you are interested in and a project manager will contact you once you apply.

These are the openings we are hiring for.

Foreman - $26.71 - $30.00 hour
Climber - $24.05 - $29.00 hour
Equipment Operator - $20.17 - $24.00 hour
Sawman - $18.00 - $24.00 hour
Skilled Laborer - $15.38 - $18.00 hour

Lots of work.
Lots of room to grow.

Apply here ==>


Tyler Durden

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Thoes are shit wages for the work you will be putting people up against. There was once a time when projects like this attracted real talent. I don't know anybody I would trust in a hazard tree removal that would travel for $25/hour.

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Tyler Durden

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With those wages, people are going to be losing money living in Napa. That has to be one of the most expensive places on the planet. There once was a time when these projects paid three times these wages. At this kind of pay they are just going to be killing young inexperienced people.

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