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Hey everyone,

New to the buzzboard and starting a tree service, I have been asked to help with a management plan on a historic property, a non-profit. I want to do a tree inventory, and I'm planning on using ArborNote. I plan on charging for my time to complete the inventory, do I give them full access? Give away the work I've done? Should I just keep it for my records and submit proposals to them? I honestly want to help the property succeed and not looking to make a killing, but I want to keep them interested in my services going forward and looking for help navigating this thing.

Thanks for any thoughts!


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Are they paying you for an inventory as part of the plan? Then give them the inventory information. You aren't "giving away the work" they are paying you for it.

Are they just asking for bids/proposals for work? Then you are doing the inventory to provide them with that information only.

If you do good work at a fair price, they will stay interested in your services. Providing a good inventory with information about their trees shows them that you are the one who knows their trees better than anybody else.
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If they've paid for your work product, you'd better deliver it to them. Having originated the inventory, you'll likely be the best person to provide periodic updates for them, as new trees are planted and others are removed, or as conditions change over time. Trying to hold a client over a barrel after they've paid you for intellectual work product however, is bad form.

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