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  1. bunufi

    Is rope wrench on a 10mm rope possible?

    I have a 10mm rope which I would like to use for recreational tree climbing. I do like rope wrench setup a lot for its simplicity. However, rope wrench spec suggests using rope thicker than 10mm, I believe its 11-13mm. Is it possible to easily customize the rope wrench to take a 10mm rope? I...
  2. Arborry

    RW finger trap for speed ascent

    Hi all, I've seen a few set ups for the speed ascent event in the ISA TCC. I've seen a few people use a finger trap like device to grab the rope and pull through an already complete system. I was wondering how everyone is making them or what they are buying to do this as i'm curios to try for...
  3. L

    Rope Wrench with shackle

    I use a wrench a lot on a swivel and rock O. Whenever I want to use 10mm cord with double fisherman’s the carabiner gets a bit full. This will normaly create two different hazards: eye of hitch falling down the spine of Biner, and the opposite eye rubbing the barrel of the biner. The problem...
  4. Rope Wrench & Recreational Tree Climbing

    Rope Wrench & Recreational Tree Climbing

    The actual climb starts at 9:54 ! A not so brief video on the Rope Wrench ZK2 and a short climb in a 85' white oak.
  5. Tree Climbing on the Mid North coast

    Tree Climbing on the Mid North coast

    Some footage of an amazing week cruising around the mid north coast with my friend Rasl dasl. Climbing some beautiful Giant Trees. In this video we climb a B...
  6. Mowerr

    Want to sell/trade. New zig zag, RW and other new gear

    I'm looking to sell or trade brand new zig zag, rope wrench with tether, right handed petzl ascender and grigri2. I'm sick of my weaver wide back 4d saddle and I'm looking for a new climbing rope. I really like the Buckingham rebellion or a saddle like that, that has a rope bridge and lower d's...
  7. Spencer Bowers-Biasi

    Sterling WorkPro 11mm?

    Anyone using Workpro 11mm? How does it compare to HTP 11mm or Kernmaster 11mm? I have looked through all the spec sheets.
  8. bc tree climber

    rope wrench hitches

    I'm new to the forum, dose anybody have any suggestions for hitch cord for use with kern HTP 11mm with the rope wrench, i have been using ultra tech 8mm by sampson and its seems to finicky, also i tie a VT. thanks
  9. TrimALimb

    Unicender Modification

    I have had this RE Unicender for about 3 years and have never used it much because I did not care for how it functioned slack tending. I added a couple bearings and a fixed gate (parts I salvaged from my daughters old razor scooter) to help with slack tending and to keep the rope trapped along...
  10. John@TreeXP

    Akimbo and other multicender update rumors...

    I'm starting this thread to see what's happening with the much anticipated release of the Akimbo, or other multicending climbing devices that are expected to hit the market in the near and distant future. Rock Exotica has the rights to the Akimbo, right? Have they shelved it, in favor of the...
  11. Robert21157

    Zx-1 rope wrench

    Rope wrench with stiff teather and slick pin $50 + shipping
  12. gijs

    rw zk2 measurements

    hi, need some help from some on whit a rope wrench. if any can give my a picture whit a ruler next to the RW zk2 that woud help a lot like this one but then the zk2 the more measurements the better best regards gijs
  13. gijs

    looking for a used rope wrench

    hi looking for a rope wrench dont rly care wat state it is in. or wat company its of but it needs to ship to the eu Netherlands best regards gijs
  14. L

    Looking for gear for sale SRT

    In need of rope wrench, 150 ft hi-vee rope, srt climbing kit, and a double locking caribiner, floating d saddle already got most of this stuff just had it for a while and need some new

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