1. S

    New Courant Koala Harness for sale!!

    Brand new Courant Koala Harness. Size one fits 30-41 inch waistline and thighs 24-38 in . $300 Never used just purchased but Thighs are just barely too big for me so My loss your gain! No dealing With customs while receiving a wonderful product otherwise not available. Contact me via text if...
  2. T

    Question about the Tree Austria 3.2 Saddle

    Got to try a Tree Austria 3.2 out a while ago and it worked really well for me. Read some reviews online and it looks like lots of other people like it to. Unfortunately, I do not remember what size I got to demo and I have no way of finding out. Really itching to get rid of my old belt and...
  3. Alejandro Concolor

    SOLD-Monkey Beaver fir Sale-SOLD

    SOLD Monkey Beaver harness size SMALL. Lightly used. 2 months worth of ride time. August and September of 2017. Haven’t used it since. I have put on some LBs and the small is no longer a comfortable fit. I will be posting pictures of it in the next day or two. Asking $300. There is a...
  4. I

    New Tribe Onyx Saddle, Carabiners, Rope, SAKA, and more - Lot

    High quality gear (saddle, ropes, carabiners, gaffs) for sale. Many items are brand new. Some items have been used once or twice. I purchased this gear in late 2015/early 2016 from TreeStuff and Bartlett Arborist Supply and after trying climbing twice in the yard I never did it again and my...
  5. Mel

    MCRS Review

    Just wanted to give my 2 cents on this piece of gear, hopefully help someone make a purchase decision, as it is fairly pricey. I came from a Petzl Sequoia for a tree harness, and I've had alot of time in many different types of harnesses. I've got to say, the MCRS is pretty comfy straight out...
  6. D

    New unused Buckingham Glide II Saddle

    I won a Buckingham Glide II saddle, size M but don't need it since I want to stick to my Petzl Sequoia. Could use the money to buy some other gear I need. The saddle has never been used. The Saddle comes with a cushioned batten seat and many attachment points for tools. It also has the rubber...
  7. MtnArbor

    WTB "sequioa swing" seat.

    So I climbed for a year or two at a company that provided me with a sequioa swing. The model that had a bosun seat with straps attached and no leg straps. I loved that saddle and was very used to that saddle. After leaving that company I puchased a 2014 sequioa SRT and all the goodies.. However...
  8. JonesClimber

    SOLD!! Treemotion Super Light Harness - Teufelberger $285 shipped CONUS

    For sale, one gently used Treemotion Super Light Harness by Teufelberger, bought new from Sherrill Tree on 7/6/2015, MFG date is 2014. I used it for a couple of rec climbs; note, I don't do tree work. There are a couple of scratches on the leg loops, which is purely cosmetic, just had to point...
  9. W

    Wtb saddle and spurs cheap

    Hello, I am wanting to get into tree climbing with spurs as a hobby for the most part , with not much of a budget. I would like to buy a saddle , adjustable flip line and spurs. Any offers would be appreciated .i have a few things to trade like, a 1967 Jonson boat motor, a wildcat c5...
  10. Dav Re

    Harness Sliding up

    Hello. I climb trees recreationally. I also do some very light pruning (e.g. small dead limbs). I am in a New Tribe Progear II Arborist Saddle. One of the issues I am having with this saddle (and had with the New Tribe beginner's saddle) is that the waist belt slides up my torso. The belt...
  11. Simpleiowaguy

    Climbing gear for sale

    Size large buckingham empire with h-style harness. Fits 36- 40". Nothing wrong. 300$ Rock exotica dualcender. Little use nothing wrong. SOLD Buckingham steel gaff. Tree spikes. Used once. No pads or upper straps. Straight shank. Bottom straps come with SOLD

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