New Courant Koala Harness for sale!!


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Brand new Courant Koala Harness. Size one fits 30-41 inch waistline and thighs 24-38 in .
$300 Never used just purchased but Thighs are just barely too big for me so My loss your gain! No dealing With customs while receiving a wonderful product otherwise not available.
Contact me via text if interested Adam (352)871-3773

Thanks to a blend of foams and innovative fabrics and a finely adjusted triangulation, the climbing harness KOALA offers you unrivalled comfort and support.

  • 3 different densities of foam
  • Good breath-ability and comfort that is both flexible and firm thanks to its thermo-regulated SmartFoam back plate.
  • Ergonomic semi-rigid and padded leg straps, for optimal comfort.
  • The harness KOALA is compatible with the SK8 seat.
  • Harness specially designed for pruning and tree climbing.
  • It is both comfortable and light for easy movement in trees.

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