SOLD!! Treemotion Super Light Harness - Teufelberger $285 shipped CONUS


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For sale, one gently used Treemotion Super Light Harness by Teufelberger, bought new from Sherrill Tree on 7/6/2015, MFG date is 2014. I used it for a couple of rec climbs; note, I don't do tree work. There are a couple of scratches on the leg loops, which is purely cosmetic, just had to point that out. I have the gear loop kit, instruction booklet, and bag it came in. Paypal is preferred, but I can work with you on payment, shipping is CONUS, outside of that we will have to talk additional funds. Thanks for looking and ask any questions if needed.


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I also happen to have a 5$ off coupon for my next purchase ...... So only saving 4.90$ maybe Im just Being a doucher but how about 225$ ?? Come on make me feel like I won.... You will be my hero and stuffs promise


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