Wtb saddle and spurs cheap

Hello, I am wanting to get into tree climbing with spurs as a hobby for the most part , with not much of a budget. I would like to buy a saddle , adjustable flip line and spurs. Any offers would be appreciated .i have a few things to trade like, a 1967 Jonson boat motor, a wildcat c5 crossbow,and a small one man pontoon boat in fair condition, plus a slew of fishing equipment

Ryan Keats

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Spurs put holes in the trees, which allow for disease, etc to enter. The only time spurs should be used are for tree removals.
Iv got multiple trees on my property that need topped and taken down carefully, no living trees will be harmed in my climbing adventures. That's what I ment by a hobby, I'm not going into the tree trimming business nor am I paying someone else to do a job I can learn to do myself


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By the time you invest in the equipment you could probably get someone who knows what they are doing to just put brush and wood on the ground for you. Otherwise I see a recipe for disaster.

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