WTB "sequioa swing" seat.


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So I climbed for a year or two at a company that provided me with a sequioa swing. The model that had a bosun seat with straps attached and no leg straps. I loved that saddle and was very used to that saddle. After leaving that company I puchased a 2014 sequioa SRT and all the goodies.. However I was disappointed to find out the bosun seat did not have it's own leg straps and requires the climber to wear both the seat and the leg sstraps together. I've seen however through these forums that most people did not like the swing seat and ended up writing petzl for a set of leg straps.. If anyone still has their boson seat w/ attached straps and buckles. And does not use it I would be willing to buy it. PM me with your asking price.

P.s. I'm in the Portland Or. area for local pick up or I can pay shipping.

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