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    Tod, If you manage to find any info/blueprints/diagrams/photos it would all help and be much appreciated. Chris
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    Many thanks
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    Petzl shunt, and mainly safe operating/work practices, this is not an item of kit i am familiar with using within an arboricultural context. I'll do some web searches. Chris
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    Many thanks posters, if things work out i'll post some pictures but won't be for some time. Thanks again. Chris
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    Working on a project in the Uk that may require the use of an "indoor tree" such as those utilised as TCI for demos etc. Does anyone have any pictures they can email me of the tree set up at TCI, it makes no odds if climbers are in the photos.
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    I would be most gratfeul if anyone has any articles/information/publications etc in regard to the use of shunts, could they direct them this way or point me in the right direction.
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    Mark, Fantastic design, whilst my good lady was looking over shoulder she did ask "Does he have those on backwards?"
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    Stihl Trousers

    Tower Tools & Equipment Ltd Unit A3A Olympic Business Park, Dundonald KA2 9BE Tel: 01563 850 999 · Contact: Gillian Spence Website: · e-mail:
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    Stihl Trousers

    Stretch air Caroline Gillian Both more than happy to ship abroad. SIP / David Cooper-Holmes (Sole Uk Importer) more than happy to ship abroad. I would have thought, Drayer or Freeworker or Thilo would all...
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    Stihl Trousers

    Mahk, EN (European Norms) NORM 381-5 NORM EN 381 comploies with protective clothing fro chainsaw users, Part 5 specifies the demnads for leg protection wear. This norm definies three types (or designs) of leg protection wera, according to the kind of protection; The clothes of type A and B are...
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    Stihl Trousers

    Thought the Uk guys may be interested. HiFlex Full Stretch Protective Clothing FASHIONABLE CLOTHING FOR THE PROFESSIONAL ARBORIST Complies to type "C" All Round Protection Made With Only 6 Layers Of Protection Making These Trousers Truly Lightweight Kevlar Reinforced Protection On The...
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    Three way action krabs

    Called in again this last week to look at an incident involving the possible failure of a three way action karabiner, regardless of the state of the equipment, or the climbers climbing style, what is obvious was that no pre-use inspection of the equipment took place, i strongly believe that if...
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    Friction hitch pics

    All, Just wanted to know if anyone can help, been doing quite a few demos recently at trade shows over here (Uk) and we get asked time and time again how to tie this friction hitch or that one. So i thought it might be nice to put a bit of a handout together so that we can just give it out...
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    travels and tunes

    Tom mentioned getting in touch with Graeme McMahon, he is actually in the Uk the back end of September (AA Conference) spent some time talking with him at the recent ETCC in Holland and we are hoping to hook up during his stay, hoping to include the APF show and more. Don't know if you know...
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    Karabiner research

    A piece of information from over the pond, three way action karabiner research published today

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