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    Parts for RG45

    Make it easy and just call Sylvia,, Jeff ;)
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    Parts for RG45

    I suggest here, awesome experience, ask for Sylvia, tell her her I sent you! Jeff It was a beautiful day!
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    Need Help

    It looks to me like a species of Brachyciton. Jeff
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    What is this tree, leaves turn red in the spring?

    Kinda looks like a species of rhaphiolepis, ? Jeff
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    Spar System?

    It is mandatory for us when doing palms, especially queen palms, great for eucalyptus too.
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    Spar System?

    All my guys use the TreeSqueeze, Jeff
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    What kind of Palms are these?

    California fan palm is a filifera, a Mexican fan palm is a robusta, Jeff
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    Buckingham Tree Squeeze

    I am going to get a few next week. Thanks for all the comments, Jeff
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    Buckingham Tree Squeeze

    Thanks, that is what I was hoping to hear, Jeff
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    Buckingham Tree Squeeze

    I am thinking about getting a few for a few guys to try, It seems like a good product for many applications. About $200 each, I want to get just a few and have certain guys try it. We have about 22 climbers so that would be expensive unless it is as useful as it seems. Just wondering if any of...
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    Mark Chisolm in San Diego

    I registered, will be there Monday, looking forward to it. Jeff
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    Mark Chisolm in San Diego

    Thank you, Jeff
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    Mark Chisolm in San Diego

    I heard he is holding a class here at Quail Botanical Gardens on the 25th this month but can not find any info,, Jeff Lovstrom
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    Alex Black

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    Who has experience as a 'Lead Climber'?

    Sounds like my job, Jeff

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