1. pacifichedge

    Chipper hourly rate in Canada?

    I have been in business for over 10 years mostly working as a contract climber but now I have bought a bandit chipper and chip truck im excited but the only thing im still wondering about is what I charge per hour for chipping debris? but it has to be in cdn dollars as I know the industry costs...
  2. TreePro92

    2018 Bandit 65xp Turbo Diesel (44hp Kubota)

    I’m selling my 2018 Bandit 65xp. I’m venturing into land clearing so I believe it’s time for an upgrade. I’m looking at a 250xp or possible (if I can bite the bullet) a 280xp. 2018 Bandit 65xp 223 Hours 44 hp Kubota Turbo Diesel Dual in-feed wheels 8 sets of knives (2 sets still in package)...
  3. A

    For Sale: 2005 Vermeer BC1400

    2005 Vermeer BC1400 4000 hours $9000 Contact me @ 903-261-7636 (serious inquiries only) Located in Kilgore,TX
  4. M

    What is this chipper worth?

    This is my first post on the forum so please bare with me while I try to figure this all out. So I am in the process of rebuilding a woodchuck 12 inch chipper. It is a hyroller 1200 model with a 4b cummins. I am going through it totally from the hitch to the feed tray. What would a fair sale...
  5. cody willard

    2005 Brush Bandit 254 With Grapple

    A overhauled 2005 Brush Bandit 254 with grapple. 840 hours on original machine. 115 hours on rebuild. 180 HP Diesel Cat Tier 3 ”No emission system”. 11,000-12,500 lbs. New, AutoFeed, air filter assembly, discharge chute, and larger upgraded feed wheel motors “They did not get painted so...
  6. L

    bandit chipper disc bearings

    does this pull out in one piece , or does the ring around the shaft need to be removed first if so does it turn / screw out . thanks for your help
  7. B

    2003 14′ Chip Box GMC C8500 Chipper Truck for sale

    Condition Pre-Owned Make GMC Model C8500 Year 2003 OD Reads 94,932 miles Fuel Diesel Body Style Chipper Transmission Automatic Engine CAT3126 Price $39,500 Truck #: 605 Call Today! 586-630-2629 BTS Equipment, Inc. 69205 Powell Road, Romeo, MI 48065
  8. JJM IV

    SOLD - 2008 Morbark Hurricane 18 Wood Chipper $35,000 OBO

    Excellent condition machine still being used (1,279 hrs currently) on a daily basis. For sale because of unique opportunity to replace with an almost new machine. CAT diesel motor and auto-feed. Service during last 4 months at CAT and Morbark dealer include new clutch and flywheel, injectors...
  9. JJM IV

    18" vs 15" chipper?

    What are the pros and cons of each, for a single crew biz? I have a 2005 18" Morbark with 1234 hrs that has become a maint nightmare and a solid 12" Altec that has been great! I want to load machines with my Bobcat (root rake grapple) or Mini (branch manager).
  10. B

    looking for a chipper

    Hi I'm looking for a small chipper would like something 6''-9''. will buy something running or not running. PM me with what you have. Thanks
  11. flyingsquirrel25

    Brush bandit, sort of recall

    just got a Certified letter in the mail today indicating a product update was needed. If you own a 1490 or 1390 HD inspection of the tongue is needed immediately. I have attached photos of the inspection area and the letter. If you have one of these inspect ASAP and get the tongue support kit...
  12. A

    Custom build dump/chipper trailer combo...

    I'm curious as to the feasiblity (& pros/cons that I may not have considered) regarding fabricating a custom dump/chipper combo. I think I've read all the previous forum posts (here & elewhere) pertaining to currently available offerings (ie. Bandit's rig) & what some others have done...
  13. A

    New chipper or used.

    Going to be buying a chipper as soon as my chip truck is finished seems like the used market is pretty beat up either lots of hours and trashed or way overpriced. What's your guys take on it Buy a brand new chipper or hope for the best with a used piece. I've been really leaning towards going...
  14. B

    Smallest Wood Chippers Review

    I'm looking for people's input on the smallest woodchippers available... gas powered; flail-wheel vs. drum; auto feed; towable behind a 2500hp pickup; able to handle some 6-8" material. Maybe I'm dreaming of something that doesn't exist.zzz
  15. R

    Bandit 90xp chipper.

    Hi all I have a or what I believe to be is a 2004 bandit 90xp chipper with a 3cyl kubota engine in it. I feel it works well but not to peak performance. Does anyone know or know how I would find out what rpm it should be running at. I am currently running at 2300rpm at full throttle and...
  16. DruidCarol

    New Business Model? Just for fun

    This isn't probably the best section to post this however, thinking about new business models for arborists, I figure "Hey! Why not put it Behind the Desk?!" Anyway, might be popular in the vicinity of Fargo... Hope you enjoy the laugh. Carol
  17. O

    Vermeer Chipper auto feed inop

    can anyone help? My Vermeer 700xl Chipper has stopped feeding, the cutter is turning but not the feeder. In fact, the yellow light doesn't even illuminate.
  18. ShawnC

    2007 Bandit 65 XL Chipper

    Honda GX690 Motor with 333 Hours 6-in.-diameter capacity hydraulic-fed disc-style chipper Smart Feed Limbs and branches feed easy Comes with spare set of Knives Ready to go to work $9325.00
  19. A

    Considering a 95 Vermeer 1250 85hp Diesel. Thoughts?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a cheap lesson. I'm considering purchasing a 1995 Vermeer 1250 85hp diesel. Does anyone have experience with this machine? It has a 12" capacity and has the side by side roller feed. From what I've read it has some design flaws but is a loyal machine. Its self feeding...
  20. B

    Vermeer 600XL chipper belt tightening ideas

    This spring I had 2 acres of bush cut down in order to clear an area to build a house. The trees were separated into a log pile and a very large and long pile of brush and branches. The cost to have them chipped was almost as much as I paid to buy a used 2009 Vermeer 600 XL chipper. So I bought...