Minnesota Tree Climbing


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Hey Matt, I was out of town "Musky Hunting" this past weekend. Are you planning to attend the MSA conference on Fri. the 10th? Four days away.

Yeah, you should see the beard now!


I found a rather large cottonwood...Lillydale park near the entrance to the boat launch. Any body seen this one??? Might be a fun climb when it gets warmer...


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OK, MNTCC is coming up and I've been sitting around drinking too much beer (no work + beer = out of shape). Rec climb every weekend -Saturday, Sunday, or both days- until the Comp.

Just not this Sat as I have to visit my accountant.

Here are the dates:
Sunday 3/29
Sat-Sun 4/4-4/5
Sat-Sun 4/11-4/12
Sat-Sun 4/18-4/19
etc, etc

Let's do this!


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That was fun! Well, wait... fun in a cruel sort of way. My obliques hurt.

Fight night tonight. My place at 8.

Let's hear some ideas for next weekend's park. Cherokee? Matthew's? Riverside?


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This Saturday 4/11 at Theo Wirth Park. 12:00 noon. Exact location TBD.

Be there or be square! I'm also gonna climb Sunday, maybe the same place.

Next weekend I'll be out of town.