Fu*%face Von Clownstick


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I agree, I believe he will win electoral college, while losing popular vote. My guess is around 3 million votes on the popular, but could possibly be 5 million.

I’d love to be wrong this time.


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Said the troll who believed that covid cases were gonna go from 15 cases to zero cases very quickly. How stupid this silly little troll musta felt for believing the virus was miraculously gonna disappear when the weather got warm...I'll bet he even believed Mexico was gonna pay for a wall that was never built... Silly fucking troll has been duped, but he's to daft to realize it..


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Ginsberg dying today is the most signifcicant political fukin nightmare of our time. McConnell and his assclown Republican senate is about to show how hypocritical they are by ramming another nominee down our throats 6 weeks before the election. This will effect society for decades. I am soooo fukin bummed.


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Cheer up. McConnell doesn’t have the votes. At least 4, likely 5 defectors. It’s a hell of a campaign issue for both sides, but no way a new justice is seated before the election.


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yeah, prob not gonna happen as Buck said. Some GOP senators already saying they won't vote on a nominee but constituent outrage may change that but I highly doubt it

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