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I'm not American, so I won't delve too deep into this, but I will make a few observations:

1) Trump lost the popular vote. It wasn't by much, but still, the majority of voters thought he was the wrong choice. I don't totally understand how the election system down there works, but to me it seems a little screwy that the "winner" ends up with FEWER votes than the "loser".

2) All the people (even many up here) acting like this is a sign of the apocalypse need to chill. We seem to go through this every election (Canadian and American), but in the end most business just carries on a usual. It's not like he's going to start WW3 in his first 100 days.

3) Wouldn't it be funny if he turned out to be a good president?


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For all you none Americans our system is simple. Back in 1776 or so the founding fathers decided and was probably true back then, that the general population was to ignorant to make any sense of such complicated things. So from that point on the lawyers, the rich, and the crooks have been running the country. Every now and then a good man slips into office but some how they never seem to make the full 4 years before something happens to them, coincidence you be the judge.

Seriously though, basically every state is asigned so many eggs based on that states "value". As a state we vote on what type of eggs they are, and those eggs are put in a pile. After all 50 states have put their egg versions in the pile they are recounted. The type of egg with the most in the pile is declared the winner.
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