stump grinder

  1. Estebandito

    Municipal Tree Workers Hiring -Tree Trimmer I and II and Equipment Operator

    Come be apart of a great Tree Care Team.
  2. Trevor Balgavy

    Leonardi Pinteeth

    I have a lot of brand new Pinteeth. 25 straights, 1 left, and 135 rights. $450 for all and I will cover the shipping to anywhere in the lower 48.
  3. S

    Stump Grinder position open weekends- Olympia, WA

    Olympia, WA 3 year old business looking for a weekend stump grinder Good driving record Must agree to a background check Will use our equipment Vermeer SX60 and SX40 Will use a small Mahindra 19 HP for stump cleanup and occasional leveling of material 16 hrs x week to start - may grow into...
  4. JJM IV

    Stump Grinder getting hot

    My Carlton 7500, air cooled, is getting hot and even shut down today? What should I do or check? Thx
  5. S

    Stump grinder operator NORTH NJ

    Stumpbusters of America is looking for a experienced stump grinder operator. Please have a clean driving record. Hourly based on experience Call Karen at 973-837-1390 or
  6. T

    Selling my stump grinder. It has a toro frame and apredator motor & motor is 6 months old

    Starts first pull everytime . I’m just in a real bind right now and I’m gonna lose my house if I don’t sell it soon. Is anyone interested
  7. CaPowell

    Help with Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder

    I recently bought a 2007 sc252 and need to replace the pockets to switch over to greenteeth. I thought it would be a quick and easy job, but I can't brake the bolts free. Pneumatic impact wrench won't do it and if I use a cheater bar, the wheel spins. What is the proper way to lock the...
  8. Justin Parker

    (SOLD) Vermeer SC 372 Stump Grinder For Sale

    2011 Vermeer stump grinder in like new condition for sale. Two cutting wheels, both go with machine. Very low hours, 406 on meter. Yanmar diesel motor. $17,800. Located in southern Idaho. Please email if interested to or you can contact directly at...
  9. JJM IV

    Where to buy green teeth?

    I just bought a used Carlton 4400D with green teeth. My last supplier (Border City Tools) does not make these (pending trademark). Any assistance on where I can buy some inexpensively? No Chinese or overseas stuff! Thx
  10. D

    Toro Stx38 vs Carleton SP5014

    Hey all, A stump grinder purchase is in my near future and I have narrowed it down to these 2 machines, I think. SP5014 would be a wheel machine with the 35hp gas engine and the Toro would be tracked with a 38 Hp I believe. They are close in price but I could add some bells and whistles to...
  11. C

    Wood Chipper $3300 price lowered "again".

    strait 6 motor. Did a complete tune up this spring has newer clutch, new tires, fuel pump, plugs wires, cap n rotor, carburetor Ect. sharp knives, new belt everything works as it should needs nothing. starts right up, very clean No hour meter or gauges. $3750. Lowered price to sell
  12. O

    Root excavation with air tools?

    I have a large (40" DBH) Oregon white oak in good condition with no visible defects. There is a house proposed to be built within its critical root zone. I would like to use air excavation (air spade) to expose the trees roots to have a better idea of the impact the building will have on the...
  13. kellytrimming

    Attempting to build my own mini-skid steer stump grinding attachment

    I subcontract all my stump grinding to my buddy Jim. He sent me this youtube video and suggested we could build one for my Thomas 25g: I started by buying a screw cone off of ebay: Then I cut 6 strips off a 1/4 inch plate, and welded them together to fit on an auger hex drive: I have a...
  14. T

    Vermeer SC372 Operator presence system - nuisance!

    Hey y'all! I'm a new member to the forum, but a long time reader. I've used the forums on this site to help me figure things out when all other options were exhausted. I've avoided countless hours of headaches and frustration by doing a quick search for what I was having trouble with! With that...
  15. Justin Grabosky

    Carlton SP 2000 Stump Grinder

    Engine options 27 HP Kohler Command Cutter depth below ground 24" Cutter height above ground 27" Number of teeth on cutter wheel 16 Cutter wheel diameter with teeth 19" Cutter wheel thickness 1/2" Blanchard ground Cutter wheel bearings 1 7/16" Tapered Roller Fuel tank capacity 5 gallons Machine...
  16. You know this guy!

    Vermeer SC30TX

    Has anyone ever used one of these stumpers and how do you like it? Is it hard on turf? How's the accessibility? How's the machine been working for you? I'm looking at purchusing one so I'm looking for your thought and experiences with it. Thanks again
  17. Treetopflyer


    Anybody have any experience or understandings they care to share about any of these newer grinding wheels? I run greenteeth on my rayco 1635 super Jr. They're great. I'm just curious how they put out so many so quickly. First the greenwheel then the quadwheel then the reverse s .. What gives...
  18. Trevor Balgavy

    New, Used, Rebuilt, and Salvage Chipper Parts

    I started out as an equipment and small engine mechanic, from there I got my engineering degree and worked as the Prototype Design Engineer for Dynamic Manufacturing for 6 years through 3 different owners. Now I am a Design Engineer / Parts representative for Landmark Machinery in Mt. Pleasant...

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