Carlton SP 2000 Stump Grinder

Engine options 27 HP Kohler Command
Cutter depth below ground 24"
Cutter height above ground 27"
Number of teeth on cutter wheel 16
Cutter wheel diameter with teeth 19"
Cutter wheel thickness 1/2" Blanchard ground
Cutter wheel bearings 1 7/16" Tapered Roller
Fuel tank capacity 5 gallons
Machine width 29"
Machine height 46"
Machine length 93"
Total weight 695 lbs.
Has Green Teeth 700 series lo pro pockets and comes with 8+ sets of teeth.
Wheel brake is broken and has been broken since purchased, has never effected production of grinder.
Drive cable was broken but is jerry rigged to work, would need to welded to be repaired. Seems like it would be an easy fix if you were inclined.

Asking $3200

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When I used that style the wheel brake kept it pivoting on one point, and make it grind more evenly than if the whole machine could move. You got a more even bite. I took it to be an integral part of the machine. Have you operated this style with the wheel brake working?

Disclosed, but no photos of those broken parts might put off buyers.

I'm put off when someone is trying to sell something that has broken parts, but is an easy fix.

You know those sales where 'needs the carb cleaned, should be an easy fix, but the machine doesn't run right, right now.'

Just a suggestion to help you get more buyers. Kinda like paying $200 for a Detailing on a car to sell it quicker and for more money.
Im in the middle of closing on our first house is the only reason for selling. Ive owned this machine for 2 years and have never operated it with the working break and has worked fine for me in that time but im sure if it did work it would make it easier.

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