Hey y'all! I'm a new member to the forum, but a long time reader. I've used the forums on this site to help me figure things out when all other options were exhausted. I've avoided countless hours of headaches and frustration by doing a quick search for what I was having trouble with! With that being said, and my appreciation of everyone that shares their knowledge expressed, let's get on to my latest hair pulling problem.

I have been in the tree trimming and removal service for 6 years myself, my grandpa before me since 1969, and my uncle before me since 1990. And my great grandpa dabbled in the trade back in the '30's. We've since built a thriving family owned company and have obtained a fleet of equipment necessary to safely and efficiently do our job. (We literally have at least 3 of everything lol)

I have always been pretty good at devising fixes for all of the things I come across, but this one has "stumped" me. We have 3 Vermeer SC252's and they have been great machines but we decided it was time for something bigger. We recently upgraded to a Vermeer SC372 with the 37 horse Yanmar diesel engine. We have the two wheel drive model with locking diff. and we do not have the mulch blade attachment. This is an excellent machine and makes short work of all the stumps I grind, from as small as your thumb, as thick as hair on a dog's back, and the largest I've done which was a River Birch with a 7' 7" diameter stump.

The only aspect of the machine I absolutely hate is the "Operator Presence System". The control handles have some sort of sensor that if you do not have a hand on one of the handles at all times it stops the cutting wheel. I like to be able to step back and towards the front of the machine quite often to take a look at what I'm doing and make sure I'm not missing a root or piece of stump as well as watch for any rocks, metal, or wires that could potentially damage the machine or injure others. My 252's did not have this feature and I grew accustom to the freedom I had with them.

What I would like to know is if anyone out there has gotten fed up enough with this system to figure out a way to disable it entirely, or at least bypass it to where the machine isn't constantly shutting itself down and falling on its face?

I am totally aware that it is a safety feature and that Vermeer designed it this way for a reason. I have the knowledge and experience to run a grinder without the OPS and know better than to stick my foot in the cutter wheel.

Thanks in advance for any helpful ideas or solutions I could try. Disabling this would cut my operating time in HALF. I'm also quite sure it's not good for the engine to constantly be slowing to idle then instantly revving back to max rpms. My handles may be defective because they have a bad tendency to cut in and out repeatedly while I have each hand on a different handle. The machine has been to the shop for warranty work for this issue specifically 5 times since I bought it and it only has 20 hours on it! This happens very often and is the reason for this thread!


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Seriously though I just picked up a 50tx and I think I need new controller.. Sucks but sometimes you gotta pay the Piper.. And if that's the quirky shit that Vermeer put into the machine and you bought it .. Well you bought it . so if your style is stepping out for a gander.. Refer to previous post or sell it and buy one you can let go.. Literally

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