1. eyehearttrees

    Using used-climbing-ropes as bull lines? And Q on force in a controlled-speedline setup :)

    #1, using climb-lines as rigging lines: I've got an idea that, as time goes by for me in this industry, that every time I retire a climb-line that I can simply make it into a rigging-line, obviously the strength would only allow light & light-medium drops as my 11.7mm double-braid/24-braid...
  2. T

    New Tendon Timber Ropes

    I work with the US distributor for Tendon ropes. We recently decided to expand the products we bring into the US to include the new additions to the Tendon Timber ropes: 11mm, 11.5mm, 12.5mm, 15mm. We have wholesale pricing available, with minimum purchase requirements. All the new ropes are...
  3. A

    Approved Ropes

    I am working on a 10.5mm BlueWater2 rope Is it suitable for competitions? these are the specs: BlueWater Ropes 10.5mm (27/64″) BlueWater II+ Static Rope. The rope that made them famous, BlueWater II+ is the standard for use in caving, rappelling and rescue applications. Its design of double...
  4. treeandland

    ISO firm climb line for DRT climbing

    I recently bought “Imori” climbing line. I like the soft feel it has, but it’s a lot more work to advance my hitch with the micro pulley. I find myself continuing to use my aging Arrow Frog line by Yale, because it’s firmness helps the hitch advance smoothly. Any suggestions for a firm...
  5. T

    Beginner climbing gear?

    Looking to be pointed in a direction to buy climbing gear for a beginner. I guess what would maybe qualify something good for a beginner would be price, support, and comfort. Either by brand or a good website with some info on what to look for would be great! I own a landscape maintenance...
  6. Vic

    Coconut Tree Climbing

    Guys, I am newbie here and almost knows nothing about Climbing Equipments. I wish to join here to consult you about an industry in our country in wine making. It is very popular wine in our country from Coconut Sap called "Lambanog" of distilled sap. The system involved a very risky and quite...
  7. C

    Sterling Tech11 Anyone have opinions on this line? Can't decide if its worth it. Biggest plus I would see is if a rig line is close quarters with a climb line and the groundies arent the brightest. Maybe it could resist the friction damage for a...
  8. C

    New Tree Climber seeking rope advice, difference and reasons for climbing, static and rigging lines

    I've been doing all the homework I can, comparing elongation stats and all the rest, reading product literature and reviews, and nothing quite clarifies this point: the real practical differences between, reasons for, and desirable climbing properties of climbing, static and rigging lines...
  9. W

    Very Tall Rope Swing

    Hello, I'm looking to hang a wooden rope swing from a very solid tree branch that's 30 feet off the ground. ProManilla rope seems like the strength, durability, and feel that I want, but should I get 1/2"? 1"? I'm also not sure how to tie it on the tree that high up or what knots/gear to use...
  10. O

    Help with Rope Burn

    Hi, I am not in to the tree business, But i have a tree stand that i climb up some boards to get to the stand, Anyway i added a rope i can slide down to get out quick If need be any way here is my question: WHAT KIND OF GLOVES SHOULD I USE TO KEEP FROM BURNING MY HANDS. I've tried cloth...
  11. ArborMan23

    120 ft Prolite climbing line

    never used, has two eye splices, 24 strand. $110
  12. trippintrees

    Wanting To Buy ART

    Looking to buy: *ART Spider Jack 2.1 Dyneema * ART rope guide What you got?

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