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Anyone have opinions on this line? Can't decide if its worth it. Biggest plus I would see is if a rig line is close quarters with a climb line and the groundies arent the brightest. Maybe it could resist the friction damage for a bit, in some cases. I think I remember hearing that the sheath milked a lot but I cant remember. It also seems like it would wear on everything else, such as hitches and mechanicals. Sterling also wrote up some very limited hitch testing, and it was the only one that a hitch did not catch on in a drop, but only in one instance.

All but one of the configurations on tech11 did catch, and a little extra slide would mean less of a shock.

For me the biggest issue is the color-- it will hide a little too much in the tree since it is tan.

Anyway, interested in hearing from anyone who has climbed on this line for awhile.


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I really like the technora cover on my lanyard, no more picks or cut fibers from contacting the saws. It does milk a lot. You need to work it over with s friction hitch before sealing the ends.


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I climbed on a hank for about a year. The abrasion resistance was impressive. I purposely used it with out friction saving devices in rough bark trees and it just took it all in stride. Hitch cords wore about the same. I use 9 or 9mm RIT cord. The combo worked well together.

As for visibility it was not as noticable as some ropes, but not as bad as I expected. It did milk a foot or two, but I never consider that a big deal. In fact I liked it on this rope. I used the milked off cover for chafe protection on other stuff.

When there was a lot of rope in the system, like a basal anchor, there was noticable, but tolerable rope elongation. But mine was 61 meters so when single line there was generally a lot of rope in the system

All in all I felt that it would have lasted at least twice as long as less expensive ropes, so in the end it would have justified the price in my opinion.

If you usually go SRT or use friction savers and what not for MRS, then it would be costly overkill. If you smash it natural crotch a bunch then it is probaly worth the investment if you take care of your shit. No rope will out last silly climber shit!


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