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I am working on a 10.5mm BlueWater2 rope
Is it suitable for competitions?
these are the specs:

BlueWater Ropes 10.5mm (27/64″) BlueWater II+ Static Rope. The rope that made them famous, BlueWater II+ is the standard for use in caving, rappelling and rescue applications. Its design of double twist cabled sheath strands, as well as double twist cabled core strands, make it the best all around choice in static/low elongation ropes.

Diameter: 10.5mm (27/64″)
Tensile Strength: 6,500 lbf. (28.9 kN)
Grams Per Meter: 78
Weight Per 100ft: 5.72 lbs.


I think (and could be wrong) that an ascent rope must be 10mm or larger and a work positioning rope must be 11mm or larger.
I have no idea why I am allowed to use a 10mm short safety.


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The ITCC Rules, with few exceptions, mirror those for the country or the area where you work. For a U.S competitor any ANSI Z133.2018 approved climbing line is acceptable for competition. Take out ANSI Z133 and fill in the blank for with your country's standard.

Hitch cordages have some ITCC specific requirements for minimum size as per loading. It's all in the rule book on line.

If the rope is not readily identifiable, make sure you have documentation on the rope showing it meets requirements. A catalog page or PDF brochure on your phone will do.

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