1. R

    Phoenix 1 3/4 Head/Jameson FG-6 6 Ft Extension Poles

    Hey, everyone ! Just have a single question. When I was still working as a full time Arborist, the company I worked for used both Phoenix 1&2 6ft pole pruners. I found the head for a pretty killer price on Amazon, but I never knew the poles themselves werent made by Phoenix, because I cannot...
  2. G

    Does anyone know what this is on my trees?

    This is what is on my trees or what is happening to my trees
  3. C

    Looking to hire an experienced Climber in Rochester Ny

    Busy Tree service looking for a full time Climber. Top pay, Negotiable benefits. Call 585-202-4510.
  4. The Tree Fella

    Trades and for sale

    Its practically brand new maybe a year ago its never been ran. I know its practically worth nothing but is anyone interested in it or a trade really i would take a caribiner for this saw. I know someone could get it running or sell the parts but i need climbing gear bad. I need to fix my...
  5. The Tree Fella

    My gear.

    I got a petzl sequoia harness. A split tail for blakes with micro pulley set up and two hand ascenders one has a footloop. I got a wore core lanyard 2 steel rigging caribiners and 2 aluminum. A 372 xp . 200ft of either vortex. Or velocity and 150 ft of old climbing line i use for rigging. 2 omni...
  6. T

    Ditch witch problem

    I have a 2007 sk650 with 1500 hours on it. The theft track joystick doesn’t want to return to nutral or creeps when in neutral. I have had ditch witch replace the valve and had pump for that track rebuilt but it is still having the same symptoms. Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. Treetopflyer

    2001 Vermeer SC50tx Marlin technologies.

    I inherited a nice stump grinder a while ago. It's a wonderful beastly grinder that makes very short work of large tree graves as I like to call them for this story. One of the best stumper cutters ever made. Unfortunately with this gift came a whole list of things I'll spare you from hearing...
  8. Josef

    Need help

    Got some part of a tree. Need help identifying it. Thanks!??? by Josef posted May 7, 2017 at 5:15 PM
  9. LaPlant

    Climbing saw help

    Hey guys, Im new to the forum and kinda new to the whole aborist thing. I worked w a small tree care company for a couple years while I was going to school for foresty. I learned how to climb and now I have my own climbing gear and need a decent climbing saw with out breaking the bank. Im a big...
  10. NashvilleTN

    Bucket truck price

    Hello everyone I have a question about bucket trucks. I have read on several forums that when people bought a truck for around $30k they regretted because it was endless problems. I feel the only difference between a $30k and a $50k bucket truck is one was spray painted by a dealer. So my...
  11. Sam H

    Sad Holly

    Hello Tree Experts! I am looking for advice on how to proceed- first time tree owner and woefully naive. I recently had someone out to give quote for removing on dead tree and to give a general survey the trees on my property. I am conflicted about this Holly tree that the professional said is...
  12. tigersaw21

    Arborist Climber

    Arborist Climber/ Crew Leader Work Location: Hilton Head Island, SC Description: Arbornature Tree Experts has full-time, year round work, with a highly rated quality team. Come work with some of the industry's best and highly skilled. We are looking to expand our operations. We have...
  13. Emily Poate

    Need help with apple and pear trees

    Hi everybody! I have a serious issue with the trees in my garden here in Melbourne, VIC and I am looking for help. I stumbled upon this forum and decided to try my luck finding a solution. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that some of the trees in our backyard started had a few dried leaves. I...
  14. trippintrees

    Going From Lawn Maintenance to Tree Work...How did you do it?

    Hey Treebuzz Pros! I am a relatively new member to the site. I have so far enjoyed all of the good conversations about the business. Seem like pretty much everyone on here is willing to help each other out. Thus, why I am sticking my hand up, saying I need help please! So....I am a current...

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