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Its practically brand new maybe a year ago its never been ran. I know its practically worth nothing but is anyone interested in it or a trade really i would take a caribiner for this saw. I know someone could get it running or sell the parts but i need climbing gear bad. I need to fix my husqvarnas before i mess with that homelite.if anyones interested let me know i do got a few things to trade too. I got a Yamaha 350 warrior for sale for a killer deal of 500 ive been rebuilding it slowly but please anyone getting out of the business or anyone with anything haha please get ahold of me



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Maybe keep it for a loaner?
My mom got me a Poulan for Christmas one year, I still keep it as a loaner. Friends, cousins, brothers occasionally ask if they can borrow a saw. Nice to be able to help out while not worrying about them abusing my good saws that I really try to take care of properly. I'll loan out my old Stihl 011AVT sometimes too.

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