2001 Vermeer SC50tx Marlin technologies.


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I inherited a nice stump grinder a while ago. It's a wonderful beastly grinder that makes very short work of large tree graves as I like to call them for this story. One of the best stumper cutters ever made. Unfortunately with this gift came a whole list of things I'll spare you from hearing unless it's asked that maybe helpful.. Im 97.3456789 percent sure lol i need a new or shall I say I'm looking to replace with a functioning Marlin technologies in out controller. Sort of like the brains of the operation. I've herd the controller joysticks and this board are so integrated it maybe that I need a joystick possibly as well. I tested a bunch of scenarios swapped joysticks plugs and plugs on other end by seleniods as well and got the left track to function albeit partially. I've tested out plug to plug everywhere and all wires are good. Although worked and worn from being outside for many years, so I'll be replacing the whole wire harness as well. Mainly the issue is randomly or so it seems although I feel like at plug end in box on B side gets shook and it stops and starts working..The ability to make machine wider or narrow does not function the head w ont raise only go down so I swapped the hydro hoses to get head up as I press down function on joystick controller. The left right function is spotty sometimes it will stop working mid swipe, then I can grab B side on controller connected to box and sort just push the wires around and get the machine to react. When I do this the left track would also work when it would decide to stop working, and after some jerking around with the wires,literally , if you can imagine me at the back of the machine cursing under my breath while I looking I'm bouncing around with my hands on something important to me..and the damn track may or may not decide to do it's thing when it wants. Like it has a mind of its own..After some time testing many possibilities it's brought back to the brains I think .. Marlin technologies.. I guess I'd just throw this one out to the buzz because it's a great place to connect. I'm hoping someone has a lead from someone other than Vermeer. The told me 3500 for the box and it's so integrated with joytsickcontroller which is 1500 , oh by the way yeah buy another one of those just because , we think, so your looking at 6k kid... :raro2: I see few of thread about these machines and they are short lived, I'm hoping this ones a success story buzz style :birra:. I know there's a couple members on here that deal parts. A whole lot that know lots of people. If there's a broken down machine in the back of someone's shop with a bad motor and good brains Holler at Me Please. I hope Vermeer doesn't send a horses head to my bed tonight..Lord help me .. Thanks for your time and help, the universe will bless you.



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We have a 502 and an 1102 that both have remotes...both remotes have had to be sent out for either repairs or rebuilding over the years to the oem in texas through our vermeer dealer for intermittent functioning...the brains do not have led troubleshooting lights on them like yours does. Not sure if ours are marlin industries.

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If you want parts check with the guy that focuses on used/new parts and posts here. (Trevor Balgway)? If you want remote control solutions and a heartier remote check with Kurt at AutoFeedPlus.

(Just as a warning if you check in with Kurt have exactly what you want laid out clearly and find out if he can do that for you or not. Last time I called him he ended up telling me I didn't know what I was doing and hung up on me. :) He was right.
His lack of patients and manners wouldn't deter me from calling him again if I thought he could give me an equipment solution not available elsewhere.)

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