1. S

    Seeking Full Time Arborists for Great Parks of Hamilton County

    Seeking Full Time Arborists for Great Parks of Hamilton County Overview Great Parks of Hamilton County is seeking a qualified professional to help preserve and manage our trees. At Great Parks, our team members work together to preserve and protect natural resources and to provide outdoor...
  2. B

    Sequoia or Treemotion OG saddle?

    I’ve used the Petzl Sequoia harness since 2014. Very happy with it. The Treemotion OG looks like it has good back support. Can anyone speak to either that has used both? Asking for a friend...
  3. treesap

    3D Printed gear hooks

    I made some 3D printed gear hooks, and I liked them so much I decided to start selling them picture credit: Jehinten these hooks are 3/4" wide so they wont move on your harness PLA Thermoplastic $10 each, $8 each if you order more than 5 $5 for shipping pm if you want to buy one
  4. treesap

    Thank you for the gear!

    Thanks for the gear @Tony its very appreciated, that rope is gonna get allot of use, since most of my trees are tall enough, that my short 45ft ropes wont reach the bottom branch, and the foot ascender is gonna be super handy
  5. treesap

    I just did something that makes me mildly mad

    TLDR rope stuck in tree, spike up get rope, go cut down a different tree, end up climbing the tree next to it about 5 times to un snag the tree I was cutting down, walk to house afterwards sucked was out trying to put my climbing rope in a tree, thick canopy, I dont have a throwline or...
  6. treesap

    when you want to go climb but its raining and cold

    yes, I know this is random, but most of yall can relate, when its to cold to climb along with rain so everything is wet (Yes rain makes things wet I know, its crazy) its just not fun, anyways, imma go dry a tree off with my hairdryer.
  7. treesap

    best youtube channels for a beginner climber?

    hey guys, im looking for some good channels to watch, I watch the climbing arborist, that August H guy :burlas: Human, reg, and a few others, other than those there has to be some good ones
  8. treesap

    to steel core or not to steel core

    im looking at fliplines, right now im using a homemade one, its 21ft of bluestreak, a figure 8 to a snap, on both ends, and one end the tail goes to a blakes hitch to adjust the length, it works great, but its a pain in the butt to flip up a tree, and to throw around a trunk or large limb, im...
  9. treesap

    Buckingham gaffs

    hello, im new here, anyways, I was looking thru craigslist and found a pair of Buckingham gaffs, good condition (Paint is beat up, and the straps are a little frayed, nothing I cant fix tho) $118, I think its a good deal, gonna see when I can meet the seller to look at them, im excited (If I...
  10. mikeyslax

    gecko aluminum, kiwiklimber ascender $400

    I upgraded to the new edelrid spurs so getting rid of these. gecko aluminums upgraded with buckingham velcro bottom strap, and kiwiklimber spike ascender v.2 and knee ascender attachment. has original gecko tree gaffs (in excellent shape) and also the kiwiklimbers titanium pole gaffs. this is...
  11. T

    Climbing Courses/Instructors in Texas?

    Does anyone have any good recommendations?
  12. M

    Rock climbing harness in the tree?

    I am helping a friend put together some basic equipment for securing himself in his pine tree. He has a drone and he wants to get up high and see the drone above the treetops =) He will have steps mounted on the tree for easy climbing, but for security I'm thinking SRT rope with an Petzel ID...
  13. LittleTreeGuy

    Pinto Pulley, Pulling Slack

    Just joined yesterday and I wanted to share a technique to see if anyone has done it before and to get feedback. I was climbing(srt) a very wide spread riverbirch yesterday and I had to do a long limb walk, so I set my lanyard on a adjacent branch and begin my limb walk and realize my tail is...
  14. T

    New Tendon Timber Ropes

    I work with the US distributor for Tendon ropes. We recently decided to expand the products we bring into the US to include the new additions to the Tendon Timber ropes: 11mm, 11.5mm, 12.5mm, 15mm. We have wholesale pricing available, with minimum purchase requirements. All the new ropes are...
  15. CanadianStan

    Old growth climbing in BC

    Just thought I'd share some photos of a recent trip I made with some work friends over on VISAs. I took them out to climb and visit a few of BC's biggest trees
  16. Francesca Di Mattia

    Seeking motivated Tree Climbers

    SavATree is looking for passionate and motivated self-starters for Climber opportunities in our New Jersey locations. Excellent compensation and career advancement initiatives. Email resume to or call 914-864-3154
  17. Francesca Di Mattia

    General Tree Care Climbers Wanted

    SavATree is seeking Climbers to join our growing company! Our Basking Ridge, NJ Branch is looking for motivated Climbers who has a passion for the outdoors and tree care. Accountabilities: Work as a member of a general tree care crew providing high-quality tree care. Perform specialized...
  18. Francesca Di Mattia

    General Tree Care Climbers

    SavATree is rapidly growing with over 31 branches in 11 states, resulting in new and advancing career opportunities! Our Mountainside, NJ branch is looking for motivated Climbers/Crew Leaders who has a passion for the outdoors and tree care. Accountabilities: Work as a member of a general...
  19. T

    want to buy tree spikes/spurs

    looking for good condition spikes, tree gaffs preferred with nice pads other than "T or L" pads unless the price is right. I'm 5'7" so nothing to tall
  20. K

    Only experienced need apply

    We are looking for experienced climber and Fellers that means you must be able to actually climb. This is dangerous work. I don't want anyone that has been climbing for 5 years or less. We pay good we treat you right and all we ask for is honesty and a little integrity.

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