Old growth climbing in BC


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@B Dietrich; Welcome to the TreeBuzz forum! I know you've been a member for awhile, but this is the first post of yours that I remember seeing. Great timing on choosing to jump in, because I completely missed this thread going by when it first happened.

So thanks for reviving this great thread, and allowing other folks to see these amazing images. Thanks also to @CanadianStan for posting these images in the first place. What a memorable outing it must have been. The highlight of a lifetime, it seems to me. Best wishes.


B Dietrich

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Thanks for the welcome, Tim! Yes, I've been lurking here for years, and finally joined so I could open pictures and stuff. I felt motivated to finally post to ask Stan about his trip because it happened in (roughly) my neck of the woods!


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That exposed giant is one of the coolest trees I have seen in my life. Amazing photos man. I am jealous of that climb!


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Incredible job! Great shots, great trees. You really embody the joy of rec tree climbing. Thanks for sharing this!

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