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  1. D

    Outriggers work, but bucket and dump bed wont!!!

    Hey guys, I have a 2015 ford f750 bucket truck with chip box but when I engage the pto I can put the out riggers down( they go past the safe switch point) and I will flip the switch to engage the bucket and you can hear it switch over, but it still wont move or anything. I have checked the...
  2. F

    Bucket Truck with on Board Chipper

    Versatile, well designed specifically for work in arboriculure! Bucket Truck - V070 Versalift 800 hours, powered by 80 hp chipper engine BC1000, 800 hrs + 800 hrs, Freightliner Cummins engine 300 hp, 18,000 front axles, 40,000 rear, Allison Auto Transmission, Power windows with a/c...
  3. The Tree Fella

    New to tree buzz

    Hello everyone just saying im here now and i will be posting frequently. I will show my gear tomarrow. Im 19 with around 7 years experience with tree work mostly logging and brush at first but now a few years aborist doing large removals right down to ornamental pruning ive done cableing and...
  4. timber

    Tree worker slips, falls off truck in Carver

  5. UP Equip

    Speed contest: Easy Lift 70-36AJ vs Terex Bucket truck

    Upon the recommendation of Merle, here is the vido, I believe now in the right section!
  6. UP Equip

    Speed: Easy Lift 70-36AJ vs Bucket truck

    Many thanks to Robb from Tree Experts, NC.
  7. J

    Tip top tree service

    In Florida now with bucket truck and climbing gear seeking work call or text anytime jason @ tip top tree service 608-547-3150
  8. quicknclean

    Equipment/Machines For Sale

    Hello there, I started my own business back in 2006, doing landscaping and tree care, and now over 10 years later, I have expanded into equipment rental and sales. With that being said, I have accumulated a lot of great equipment that I still use to this day on jobs. I have dump trucks, bucket...
  9. N

    2014 OMME 2500 Track Lift

    This is an 82ft bucket lift that will go through a single gate. Specs are easily found online. I am getting a 90ft , the reason for selling. It is currently working everyday and has no issues. It is a really great machine. I can text close-up pictures to show any dings or scratches. Otherwise...
  10. NashvilleTN

    Bucket truck price

    Hello everyone I have a question about bucket trucks. I have read on several forums that when people bought a truck for around $30k they regretted because it was endless problems. I feel the only difference between a $30k and a $50k bucket truck is one was spray painted by a dealer. So my...
  11. C

    Wood Chipper $3300 price lowered "again".

    strait 6 motor. Did a complete tune up this spring has newer clutch, new tires, fuel pump, plugs wires, cap n rotor, carburetor Ect. sharp knives, new belt everything works as it should needs nothing. starts right up, very clean No hour meter or gauges. $3750. Lowered price to sell
  12. JakeAllegar


  13. Almstead Tree & Shrub

    Now Hiring Bucket Truck Operators in Brooklyn, NY

    Almstead Tree & Shrub Care Co. is a multi-state tree, shrub and lawn care firm with a long history of excellent customer service and employee retention. We are looking for experienced Bucket Truck Operators to join our team for a long term Brooklyn Parks Department Contract. Bucket Truck...
  14. TruckGuy16

    New,Used, or Reconditioned Trucks?

    http://www.i80equipment.com/ New and Reconditioned trucks to fit every need.
  15. TruckGuy16

    Dur-A-Lift DTAX-45FP 2016 Dodge

    DTAX-45 INSULATED BOOM, ARTICULATED TELESCOPIC AERIAL LIFT GENERAL DATA: DTAX-45 Working Height, Minimum 50’ Max. Side Reach 30’ Approx. Stowed Travel Height 11’2” Extension Boom Travel 120” Main Boom Travel -25° to +78° Articulated Boom Travel -2° to +80° Basket Capacity 350 lbs. * Installed...
  16. Jehinten

    Hi-ranger parts

    I've had a mechanic take a look at my hi-ranger bucket that was having trouble rotating. He determined that it was my gear box that was wearing out. Anyone happen to have a comparable lift with a good gear box on it? Model number is 5td.52pbri 380 Thanks in advance for any help. Near S.W...
  17. khamman

    2015 Omme 2500 Tracked Lift--$119,000

    82' working height. 455 hours. kevin@newurbanforestry.com
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