Dur-A-Lift DTAX-45FP 2016 Dodge

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Working Height, Minimum 50’
Max. Side Reach 30’
Approx. Stowed Travel Height 11’2”
Extension Boom Travel 120”
Main Boom Travel -25° to +78°
Articulated Boom Travel -2° to +80°
Basket Capacity 350 lbs. *
Installed Weight (Approx.) 2,800 lbs.
Chassis Requirement w/Torsion Bar 19,000 GVWR
Chassis Cab to Axle Requirement 84”
* Minimum chassis GVWR listed requires use of outriggers to Pass Stability Test.
1. Fiberglass Extension Boom.
2. 24" X 24" X 42" Fiberglass Basket with Step.
3. 46 KV Category "C" OR “D”Insulation.
4. 180 Basket rotator.
6. 370° Non-Continuous Rotation is standard. Continuous Option Available.
7. Proportional, Open Center Hydraulic Controls.
8. Lower Control Levers with Upper Control Override.
9. Four Feathering Control Levers on Upper Control. Joysticks Available.
10. Hydraulically Leveled Basket with Power Stow at Upper Controls.
11. Category “C” Includes High Electrical Resistant Covers for Boom Tip.
12. Category “C” Requires High Electrical Resistant Joystick and Lockouts
13. Category “D” High Electrical Resistant Joystick and Lockouts are Optional.
14. 10 Gallon Oil Tank with Sight Gauge and gate valve in suction line.
15. Epoxy Primer with White Finish Color.
18. Non-relube, Maintenance-Free Bushings, Spherical Cylinder rod ends.
19. Safety Harness and 4' Lanyard.
20. 2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.
21. 5 GPM Required Pump NOT INCLUDED.
NOTE: For D.C. Backup, Torsion Bar, Throttle Advance, and Other Options- Contact one of our truck specialists



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I tried doing a Treebuzz search on i80 equipment but my computer has a glitch. Does anyone remember positive or negative reviews?

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