1. L

    bandit chipper disc bearings

    does this pull out in one piece , or does the ring around the shaft need to be removed first if so does it turn / screw out . thanks for your help
  2. flyingsquirrel25

    Brush bandit, sort of recall

    just got a Certified letter in the mail today indicating a product update was needed. If you own a 1490 or 1390 HD inspection of the tongue is needed immediately. I have attached photos of the inspection area and the letter. If you have one of these inspect ASAP and get the tongue support kit...
  3. A

    New chipper or used.

    Going to be buying a chipper as soon as my chip truck is finished seems like the used market is pretty beat up either lots of hours and trashed or way overpriced. What's your guys take on it Buy a brand new chipper or hope for the best with a used piece. I've been really leaning towards going...
  4. Justin Parker

    (SOLD) Vermeer SC 372 Stump Grinder For Sale

    2011 Vermeer stump grinder in like new condition for sale. Two cutting wheels, both go with machine. Very low hours, 406 on meter. Yanmar diesel motor. $17,800. Located in southern Idaho. Please email if interested to or you can contact directly at...
  5. B

    Smallest Wood Chippers Review

    I'm looking for people's input on the smallest woodchippers available... gas powered; flail-wheel vs. drum; auto feed; towable behind a 2500hp pickup; able to handle some 6-8" material. Maybe I'm dreaming of something that doesn't exist.zzz
  6. hatchetation

    Yale Bandit discontinued

    Almost found out the hard way. Wesspur is out, think I just cleaned out Treestuff. Looks like a few places still have it - if you're in the market for a discrete 11mm climb line, this may be your last chance.
  7. R

    Bandit 90xp chipper.

    Hi all I have a or what I believe to be is a 2004 bandit 90xp chipper with a 3cyl kubota engine in it. I feel it works well but not to peak performance. Does anyone know or know how I would find out what rpm it should be running at. I am currently running at 2300rpm at full throttle and...
  8. Big bandit chipper

    Big bandit chipper

    Chipping for ground cover
  9. Jeff Troutman

    Morbark Mountain Goat

    This Morbark 50/48 Mountain Goat is woods ready! The drum is in great shape, the back up camera and monitor in cab are fully functional and it's ready to chip. Go to or call me at 616-291-6980 for more details Specs: 1. Cat 3412E 750HP 2. Red Dot Heat & A/C 3. Loader 250-2...
  10. J

    1997 Brush Bandit Model 250XP w/ Hydraulic Winch & Hydraulic Chute

    Up for sale is a FRESH wood chipper. This baby just got overhauled with tons of new parts. Machine runs like brand new! Its got a Cummins 4BT and a brand new turbo. Clutch was just serviced. Auto feed, 12" capacity, pintle hitch, spare tire mounted on rim, new hydraulic hoses, sand blasted and...
  11. You know this guy!

    Hydraulic pump problem bandit 90xp

    So here we go again with my lemon of a chipper. It never fails me at failing!!!! Brush Bandit 90XP approx a 2005 When I feed a piece of brush in the feed wheels will slow right down and stop because it does not have the power to pull it through. After this the feed wheels will turn very...
  12. You know this guy!

    Bandit feed wheel springs.

    It looks very simple but I'm realty not sure if these springs are suppose to be adjusted or not. Are they as tight as they go now or are they as loose as they Go?? I find the feed wheels really spin on small pieces of brush and don't really suck in the Brush very well. It doesn't have...
  13. Trevor Balgavy

    Great Lakes Logging & Heavy Equipment Expo

    Is anyone here going to the Great Lakes Logging & Heavy Equipment Expo in Escanaba, MI? I will be there Friday if anything needs any parts from I would bring it to Escanaba for you!
  14. Trevor Balgavy

    New, Used, Rebuilt, and Salvage Chipper Parts

    I started out as an equipment and small engine mechanic, from there I got my engineering degree and worked as the Prototype Design Engineer for Dynamic Manufacturing for 6 years through 3 different owners. Now I am a Design Engineer / Parts representative for Landmark Machinery in Mt. Pleasant...

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