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I don't get why all the employees put up with being a 1099 in this business when they clearly aren't. I don't think most of them understand the social security tax and medicare pay in that they have to pay both sides of if a 1099. If you really are a sub, okay. We occasionally use a buddy of mine for some contract climbing as a 1099 but he has his own license and insurance. He works with us 2 to 3 times a year when we need some extra help. My stump grinder is the same way so he's 1099. There's multiple tree services around here that pay their people 1099. There's only 3 including us that I know of that pay as a W-2 employee.
Because I wanted to get into tree removal and this company didnt require me to have prior exp ;) Have to start somewhere


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many employers claim that workers are sub contractors there are clear criteria that define a sun contractor from an employee

The rules are easy to find
For every trade, there are companies doing it with no regard to the rules because there are always ppl like me that just need to get a foot in the trade door.


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You'll learn that there is tree removal,


Disease diagnosis and treatment

Cultural practices type care (e.g. root zone work, commonly irrigation, decompaction, mulching, stand-thinning at limited times)

Installation and juvenile structural pruning.

Storm-toughening of trees, support systems/ cable and sometimes brace systems and props, pruning for structure (bad unions, overextended branches, etc).

"PHC" like soil drenched of fungicides, injections for emerald ash borer, foliar fungicides, pH issues, etc.

And more!

"Tree care" is commonly house care (don't rub a hole in the roof or walls), view care, dropping leaves in the pool care, able to walk down the sidewalk and park in the driveway care.

There's power line trimming, too, which doesn't really have to do with tree care. That's power line care and fire-risk care.

All part of the game.

The more you learn, the more you learn how much there is to learn.
You might end up with more questions than you have answers, as you may start wondering, "What about...?".
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