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For those looking to get a steal on some gear, I have a list of items that we used only for a workshop at 30% off retail, shipping included in the price. I washed the ropes, so they look new and only had maybe 10-12 ascents only. The gear has the same amount of wear.....minimal. These pieces of gear were purchased with personal funds and will go back into another workshop to get different equipment. We still have a good inventory of donated gear from various manufacturers, but these pieces are just lying around the shop and need to get used by folks. Can provide photos, but everything is almost new.

Teufelberger xSTATIC 150'...$110.00
Teufelberger KMTree 150'...$110.00
Yale Kernmaster (green) 150'...$100.00
Yale Phantom (pink) 150'...$100.00
Petzl Knee Ascent System, foot loop version...$120.00
ISC Squirrel tether w/ rope wrench...$200.00
Petzl Zigzag/Chicane combo...$300.00

We can now accept credit cards via, just need an email to send an invoice. Checks are also good. No PayPal. Shipping and transaction fees are all included in prices. First to contact me gets the gear. Would entertain an offer for the whole lot.

We are away from the office until the 22nd, but will ship as soon as we get back.
Hey man can you edit your post.. and mark sold on the headline so people know without having to read threw everything. Thanks

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