Giant(Branch manager) vs Avant vs multi one

The Giant 254 is in the 2000# lift class - rated tipping 2200#s.
Now foam fill the 13" wide tires - add counterweights, and an operator of stature and you are lifting more.

Thing about bigger more expensive heavier machines is you can only carry so much brush around a house, the little Giant can handle more brush in 1 load than most all tow-able chippers can take at once.
What is the name of that attachment for brush? Thanks!
Ha! Good one, colb! I guess I'm a little too OCD about greeting new members. You saved me the trouble of mentioning the search utility. (Darn, I guess I just mentioned it anyway!)

Welcome to the TreeBuzz forum, @Treeclimber7! I think you're going to like it here!

I'm new. What could you tell me about the search utility? Thanks


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Hey, @Patriot Arborist! Mostly I just like to remind folks to use it in the first place, using key words to find the old threads that discuss the search term in question.

One other helpful thing I like to do is to use that item with the up and down arrows that sits to the right of the search box, that by default says "Everywhere", to select "This thread". When you are reading a really long thread, and you think you remember someone mentioning a particular word within the thread that discusses a point that is important to you, you can select "This thread" to have the search engine find every instance within only this thread where that word gets used. It can save you from having to read back through 120 pages of posts, for instance.

Also, clicking on the "Advanced search" button opens up even more options that are available. You can search by tags, for instance. Just noodle around clicking on all of the buttons within the search box to see where each one leads you. You can't hurt anything by exploring the options that are available to you, and you might just find a tool that helps to save you a lot of time. Best wishes. TimBr.

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