1. The Tree Fella

    Trades and for sale

    Its practically brand new maybe a year ago its never been ran. I know its practically worth nothing but is anyone interested in it or a trade really i would take a caribiner for this saw. I know someone could get it running or sell the parts but i need climbing gear bad. I need to fix my...
  2. The Tree Fella

    New to tree buzz

    Hello everyone just saying im here now and i will be posting frequently. I will show my gear tomarrow. Im 19 with around 7 years experience with tree work mostly logging and brush at first but now a few years aborist doing large removals right down to ornamental pruning ive done cableing and...
  3. T

    Selling my stump grinder. It has a toro frame and apredator motor & motor is 6 months old

    Starts first pull everytime . I’m just in a real bind right now and I’m gonna lose my house if I don’t sell it soon. Is anyone interested
  4. Francois Gagnon

    Wheel mini with bmg : toro 323 vs dt zaan r300 vs giant sk211

    Hello Guys. I am looking for input, pros and cons on any of these 3 machines used with the branch manager grapple: toro dingo 323, the zhan r300 and the giant sk211. We are a small business operating in canada where trees are small to medium, so the need for a bigger machine is not an issue. I...
  5. FreeFallin

    Why trees? Opportunity, Environment, or Something Deeper

    You can tell me that a love of trees doesn’t run in the blood, and I might have believed you a couple months ago, but then I came across this picture of a US Forest Ranger from 1906. This is Frank and his wife Lucy, my great grandparents. Frank died the year before I was born so I never met...
  6. New England Grows

    New England GROWS Nov 29-Dec 1, 2017

    The largest horticultural trade show in the Northeast is scheduled for November 29 - December 1, 2017 at the BCEC in Boston. North American Training Solutions (NATS) will lead the Safety & Demo Arena on the show floor. Live tree, demos and competitions. Tons of programming for arborists and a...
  7. JD3000

    ONLA Plant Health Care Newletter

    Myself and a friend of mine are taking over the ONLA, Ohio Nursery and Landscape Association, PEST Newsletter as Dr. Shetlar (Bugdoc) is retiring after doing it for 25 years. We're changing the name to the ONLA Plant Health Care Newsletter and will also include diseases and abiotic disorders in...
  8. S

    City of Seattle Arboriculturist Opportunity!

    The City of Seattle is looking for Arborculturists to join the Urban Forestry unit of the Maintenance Operations Division of the Seattle Department of Transportation. We have one full-time opportunity and one part-time opportunity. Click on the position below to learn more about the positions...
  9. Jonathan SIlverstein

    Employee Wanted - Tree Climber

    Company Name: Wickes Arborists 11 McNamara Road, Spring Valley, NY 10977 (845) 354-3400 Website: Contact: 1. What are the major objectives or outcomes to be accomplished by the person in this job? a. Tree removal...
  10. Jonathan SIlverstein

    Employee Wanted - Plant Health Care Technician

    Company - Wickes arborists 11 McNamara Road, Spring Valley, NY 10977 (845) 354-3400 Website: Contact: Job Summary: The job entails applying both pesticides and fertilizers through spraying, injection into the soil and direct...
  11. Aerial_Titans

    New to the Arborist Forum

    Hey guys! I'm new to this arborist forum thing! Anything I should know?
  12. Camelot Tree & Shrub

    ACCREDITED Tree Care Co. seeking career minded professionals (Warren, MI)

    Apprentice Programs NOW AVAILABLE Growing TCIA accredited year-round commercial/residential tree Care Company since 1989 is currently interviewing for reliable, hardworking and career-seeking individuals to join our strong team of BCMA and certified arborists. Our company's emphasis is on...