Company Name: Wickes Arborists

11 McNamara Road, Spring Valley, NY 10977 (845) 354-3400



1. What are the major objectives or outcomes to be accomplished by the person in this job?

a. Tree removal and pruning

b. Ground work

c. Operation of chain saws and chippers

d. Operations of buckets truck and log trucks

2. What are the most frequent and most essential work activities in this job?

a. Tree removal and pruning

b. Operation of chain saws and chippers

c. Ground work

d. Operations of buckets truck and log trucks

3. What people and how many are managed by the person in this job?

Direction of ground crew

4. What are the primary people contacts in this job? (With whom? What purpose? How often?)

Contact with sales staff, foreman, ground crew, clients.

5. What behavioral traits, attitudes and skills are required?

a. Ability to follow verbal and written instructions

b. Cooperation

c. Positive attitude

d. Knowledge of:

i. Climbing equipment and methods

ii. Knots

iii. Throw lines

iv. Installing ropes

v. Crane operation

vi. Hazard assessment

6. What are the pre-requisites for employment? (Education, prior experience, other)

a. Prior experience as a climber

b. At least 2 years experience as a ground person

c. Class B CDL preferred or ability to obtain one

7. What are the toughest parts of this job on a day-to-day basis?

Long hours of physical labor

8. What are the compensation's? (Income range, pay Formula, advancement opportunities, etc..)

Hourly wage based upon experience.

Medical insurance eligibility after 90 days of employment

401K eligible after 1 year of employment

Opportunity to advance to Foreman


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@ Jonathan SIlverstein; Welcome to the TreeBuzz forum, Jonathan! I hope you experience some success finding the people you're looking for.

One question about your post above. In question #8 that you posed, you never answered your own question, as expanded on in the parenthesis. Namely, what is the range of wages being offered for this position?

The reason I ask is that I always get the feeling that people who are not up front with the wages that are available are trying to get folks into a closing situation in which they will end up offering low money for the skills they are seeking. It's probably not true in your case; I'm just trying to convey how the ad strikes me as a person reading it.

I think being more open as to what you might be offering to folks may be more likely to generate interest in the offers put forward.

Thanks for your patience with me, and for any responses you choose to give.


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