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  1. Kenny Sanchez




    A little bit of everything, TREE REMOVAL, TREE CLIMBING, TREE FELLING, even WOOD SPLITTING. All of these videos are from our 2018 season showcasing multiple ...
  3. Kenny Sanchez

    This video of mine went VIRAL 6 million views and counting

    This video of mine went VIRAL and I don’t even know why.. 6 million views and counting
  4. Tree Climbing on the Mid North coast

    Tree Climbing on the Mid North coast

    Some footage of an amazing week cruising around the mid north coast with my friend Rasl dasl. Climbing some beautiful Giant Trees. In this video we climb a B...
  5. FreeFallin

    SAKA Mini Knee Ascender Gear Review

    This seems like the right place for this video since it is specific to SRT. Finally got around to doing a gear review for the SAKA Mini, with some things I have learned climbing on it for the last few months.
  6. J

    Tip top tree service

    In Florida now with bucket truck and climbing gear seeking work call or text anytime jason @ tip top tree service 608-547-3150
  7. Kenny Sanchez

    What's Your Favorite Climbing and Felling Saw

    Older video climbing a few hundred footers using t540xp and felling spar with 440 magnum
  8. Kenny Sanchez

    Kenny Sanchez Videos

    I love this life, can't get enough of it. Love the tree life and editing the work, watching our mistakes, moves on that job. Posted on Youtube and wait for others comments on your work, wether critics or supporters I love all the comments learn something new every time. I just love it!
  9. L

    Some questions for you lovely climbers about an app for finding good trees to climb

    Hi guys. I'm a bit of a novice climber, having just free climbed trees wherever I've found them. I loooove doing it when I can but hard pressed to find good spots in the city (live in London) Soooo, I want to make a web app to help find good spots nearby. As I'm just a novice, I'd love to get...
  10. Jan McFarlan

    Tree Climbing for Women at Morris Arboretum

    The class will focus on teaching women how to develop fundamental skills, create and maintain a safe working environment, and learn the professional techniques necessary to develop an approach for climbing a tree. You will learn some of the latest tree climbing advancements, and have the...
  11. Independent Tree

    Ohio Tree Climbing Championship... calling for volunteers & climbers!

    This years Ohio Tree Climbing Championship is set for September 24th at Holden Arboretum in Kirtland. Anyone interested in climbing or judging should contact Alan & Lisa Kraus at or 440-564-1374 or visit the chapter website...
  12. Treecycle

    Tree Climber Needed - Minimum 1 year experience required

    Treecycle tree service is looking for a full time, hardworking, new tree climber team member to start immediately. Your job includes working Monday through Friday and working with all facets of different tree removal and pruning projects. Working well with others is a must, rain or shine...
  13. DruidCarol

    #Manintree Seattle story

    This has been viral in the news, and this particular newspaper report has a lot of interesting aspects to it regarding the impact on the tree itself.
  14. jcarufel

    Canopy Anchors and the Texas Tug

    Here is a blog post explaining some different canopy anchors and the Texas Tug method. This is aimed at beginners and people looking to learn a bit about canopy anchors. Let me know what you think! Click the picture below or here!
  15. Swingle Tree Care

    Arborist Field Supervisor ( Pruning / Removal)

    Like you, Swingle continues to be a committed leader in lawn, tree & landscape care. Here at Swingle, we believe in creating beautiful outdoor spaces to make our customers’ lives more enjoyable. We also believe in making our team members' lives more enjoyable, by fostering a fun and safe place...
  16. L

    Looking for gear for sale SRT

    In need of rope wrench, 150 ft hi-vee rope, srt climbing kit, and a double locking caribiner, floating d saddle already got most of this stuff just had it for a while and need some new

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