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    Most of my splicings, and most of my new "heavy duty rigging kit", sadly once I finished getting everything setup I found far less than stellar usage on-job, the guy I do most of my work for only lets me rig when there's targets, never just for efficiency(speedlines)
  2. eyehearttrees

    Using used-climbing-ropes as bull lines? And Q on force in a controlled-speedline setup :)

    #1, using climb-lines as rigging lines: I've got an idea that, as time goes by for me in this industry, that every time I retire a climb-line that I can simply make it into a rigging-line, obviously the strength would only allow light & light-medium drops as my 11.7mm double-braid/24-braid...
  3. The Tree Fella

    My gear.

    I got a petzl sequoia harness. A split tail for blakes with micro pulley set up and two hand ascenders one has a footloop. I got a wore core lanyard 2 steel rigging caribiners and 2 aluminum. A 372 xp . 200ft of either vortex. Or velocity and 150 ft of old climbing line i use for rigging. 2 omni...
  4. T

    New Tendon Timber Ropes

    I work with the US distributor for Tendon ropes. We recently decided to expand the products we bring into the US to include the new additions to the Tendon Timber ropes: 11mm, 11.5mm, 12.5mm, 15mm. We have wholesale pricing available, with minimum purchase requirements. All the new ropes are...
  5. Woodwork

    Old/free online rigging books?

    Hey, all, New guy here, trying to learn about rigging. Since most of the principles of rigging are likely the same as they've been using since the days of sailing ships, I was thinking there should be good rigging reference books available free online. Dug around on Internet Archive and found...
  6. M

    Rope Equipment For Sale

    I have about 5000 grand in rope and rigging equipment I'm letting go for 600.00. I taught rope rescue operations all over the country and because of a back injury I’ve closed down shop. All the equipment is either new or barely used. Nothing was shock loaded. It’s mainly from a spare cache of...
  7. Daveyface

    SOLD! 185' of SAMSON 9/16" STABLE BRAID RIGGING BULL ROPE -$160 shipped! brand new!!!

    SOLD!!! thanks again tim! http://www.treestuff.com/store/catalog.asp?category_id=3&item=1797
  8. FreeFallin

    Rigging a 200 Foot Zipline

    File this one under edutainment, I had a blast making it, and the kids had fun too. This is more of a romp through my untethered brain then any kind of serious rigging lesson, you are free to laugh at me but please don't feel you have to rate my notch :risas:
  9. Vic

    Coconut Tree Climbing

    Guys, I am newbie here and almost knows nothing about Climbing Equipments. I wish to join here to consult you about an industry in our country in wine making. It is very popular wine in our country from Coconut Sap called "Lambanog" of distilled sap. The system involved a very risky and quite...
  10. shankenstein

    Linden Removal Video

    A short edit from a linden removal earlier this summer. Spent a couple hours in the tree at the end of one day, and these clips are from when I returned the next morning to finish. Didn't have my camera on the first day, which is too bad because that's when I was doing the funnest rigging...
  11. Jonathan pasquale

    Grcs $2300

    Latest model grcs in hand 2300 I prefer a local cash deal that does not involve shipping or pay pal. I will post pictures tonight. If your interested email me or google me and call. This was purchased new at shelter tree in Massachusetts. I am the second owner. I spoke to Gregg good before I...
  12. St Vrain Arbor Care

    Arborists/Crew Leaders/Climbers in Longmont, CO

    St Vrain Arbor Care is currently hiring Arborists/Crew Leaders/Climbers. Applicants must have experience climbing trees, and operating aerial lifts. Valid driver's license, clean MVR, and ability to be insured are also requirements. Preferred qualifications include: ISA Certified...
  13. bonner1040

    The Aerial Friction Brake is here!

    The Aerial Friction Brake TS-1 is finally hitting the market, and we're really excited about it. The design is based off Carroll C. Bassett's BMS Belay Spool, and we made some changes to make it even better for arborists. Check it out, watch the video, let me know what you think...
  14. bonner1040

    Teufelberger tREX Slings at TreeStuff

    Teufelberger tREX slings are now available only on TreeStuff.com! tRex is a high strength, high visibility solution dyed 12 strand hollow braid with a special coating for advanced abrasion resistance. Here's how to win: Share this Facebook post for a chance to win one of the three slings in...
  15. bonner1040

    Thunder Sling - New super light aerial friction brake

    New from TreeStuff.com. A dead-eye style aerial friction brake with 4 ABR rigging thimbles, offering varying levels of friction control that can be set by the climber in the tree. It weighs a tenth of a block and a port-a-wrap and takes the place of both. It can more than quadruple the holding...