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    Work Photos

    Keep em' clear!
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    Little tricks

    I have a drt trick. Most people know it already. If you are climbing on a closed system, with a snap tied on your rope, you can girth hitch the snap to your throw line to slide your rope down into a crotch to set your climbing line. Also, if your line is caught on a little sucker above your...
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    The biggest trees.

    Here's a photo of the biggest Holly tree I've ever seen.
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    What did you find in a tree today?

    3/4 wrench. I found it forked between two small branches with a wire hanging off of it. Possibly to hang a wind chime or bird feeder.
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    Work Photos

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    Quote of the Day

    "Nothing fancy amigo, just cut it."
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    Quote of the Day

    My father was a tree trimmer. If he told me to do something to witch i replied "I can't," he would yell "cant never could do a god damn thang!" At first I was like okay, like can't was a person or something. But it stuck to me after all these years and it's something that I never tell myself. "I...
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    Good boots fir climbing with spurs

    I don't mean to jump off topic but I would like to know if anyone knows of any steel toed boots good for foot locking. I climb with RedWing loggers and the rope always slips through when try to foot lock with them. Got to have steel toes at my job.
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    Experimental SRT climbing hitch

    Before I go any further, I must say that this is experimental and use of this could be DANGEROUS! A friend of mine has showed me an experimental climbing hitch. He called it the "Synergy X experimental." He told me to look it up on youtube but honestly the videos are long and boring. I don't...
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    That one piece of gear...

    I would have to say my throw line. After using weak nylon, Dyneema is a huge upgrade you wont look back on.
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    Work Photos

    Overhanging limb on a three phase.
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    I've got an Issue.

    I wouldn't worry about it. If your concerned about it interfering with the power lines, call your power company. Your power company might get it taken care of depending on how close it is to the lines. A maple is a strong tree, and its not dead. Even though it could split, it would take force...
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    Training Video of Rope in a Chipper

    I have been hit by a chipped rope. A Samson arbor master, blue streak. 150 ft rope, tied in 60 ft in to the tree and back down to a Blake's hitch. The rebound from the rope had knocked me down in a flash. It's like a tidal wave, or a heavy dump truck slamming on its breaks. My hard hat went...
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    best part of line clearance? Knockin' on doors

    Yes I do enjoy knocking on doors and hopping fences. The best part is getting to check out places, Ive done seen all the private little fishing holes across town. I showed my boss a yard with a mean ass dog. My boss jumped the fence and yelled at it to "Get over there and lay down!" Works almost...