What??!?!! Petzl Zig Zag???


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Little birdy told me the Zig Zag and various other petzl products currently in the 'black' will be unveiled at TCIA this year.

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Don't be such a tease! What else is there?


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Yes, I saw it. Not midline attachable, so I wasn't very interested.

Their new throwbags looked really nice, except . . . they made all weights the same color. When I asked about that, the guy pointed out the slightly different shade of gray thread stitching under the ring.
DDRT only, I was overhearing some guys talk about it. I saw them try it on an SRT style and it was WAY to jumpy, unless they really change it, it will be for DDRT.

Neat idea and from what I overheard, it was in the works for a long time. Not mid line attachable. Which sucks but it will be the comp to some SRT gear? I will wait till is see it used before i invest in one. Anyone get an MSRP on it?


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I wonder if there was some design insperational collaboration with Zig Zag rolling papers? Also based in France. Maybe Petzl could throw in a promo pack or two.


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Not mid-line attachable... I would imagine that, that alone will be a bit of a thorne in the ars for most climbers. Then again now Petzl can wait till all the gear heads buy "just because" and then come out with the mid-line attachable version..... money makers I tell ya!

Tom Dunlap

Here from the beginning
Surveyor's creations are midline attachable...SRT...DdRT...Much more versatile it seems.


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Ya, I am hoping that his is picked up by someone. Like to see the "little guy" get his hard work payed off.