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Oh man you are really lucky but I understand why you always wear your ring it's like a symbol of love and for me, it's also very important to wear my ring all the time. Talking about the rings I remembered about my wedding and how much time we spend on preparations and how much time we wasted, but finally, it was very beautiful, I am also very thankful for the company which helped us with the light and sound this company in London builds exhibition stands so if you want to see how professionals are working go and see.
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I heard of a guy around where I live fucked his hand up bad one day throwing a peice of firewood onto the back of a truck and the ring got caught up on the chunk of firewood so that chunk landed on the bed of the truck with his hand under it.

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Welcome to Tree Buzz Nicholas.

I view these forum pages as books and books of good or great information. It's amazing what wisdom and insight you can have ready access to by using the search function here.

If you look in the upper left hand corner you can see the date something was posted and have an idea if it is a current hot conversation or more like stored away info.

You can also use @NicholasWatson to let a current member know you have a question about something they said or if you want that person to see your comment.

Again, welcome.

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