Trump allowed a gun sale Obama wouldn't


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1. Trump ain't my hero.

2. Go check the beginning of this thread. I told you laws can't fix it on day one.

3. I pay no attention to the NRA. Not a member. Not gonna be. Don't need them.

4. I'm wise enough to see the folly in crafting policy based on the whim of pissed off teenagers, almost all of whom display a pathetic grasp of the Constitution and the limits of what can be done by politicians.

5. You gather all the hash tags you want. (?)

6. I still love you man:)
My favorite thing I've read is "too keep bad teachers in check, we need good students with guns" Lol

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I'm hearing more "I didn't vote for trump" bullshit from more trump voters than trump's bullshit spewing daily. What's up with that?


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Fox news, the GOP, the conservative right. Bone spurs and blame the victims.

Voting them out is one thing. Gathering them up for treason is another.


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Those times were not perfect, but at least around Home, everyone got along with the people in their communities & there wasn’t the racist junk there is today.

Cicero, Illinois...firebombings of blacks homes in the wrong neighborhood. This town was 5 city blocks from my house.
I was certainly told not to bring home any 'dark meat'. Today, interracial couple are in mainstream advertising.

Heroin has been a problem for more than a little while. Seems like methamphetamines were under a different trade name.

A pedaphile used to ride the city bus that school kids got on.

Matthew Shepard.

Shit is worse, but it wasn't always good.

Not so sure about the good old days, being all good.

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