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Well, I read that they're going to start renting out the International Space Station. We could use it to launch an offensive to wipe the Klingons off of Uranus. Or plan a vacation to Alpha Centauri, which I understand is part of the moon, or Mars, or something. Good prices on drinks at the bar, but not much atmosphere. Have you worked the bugs out of that warp drive? I'm not getting any younger, you know.

Well, time to find some stupid shit on Netflix to watch. Works better than sleeping pills and/or booze to put you to sleep. I guess BoringAsShitFlix was already taken, or was too long or something.


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I’m looking forward to seeing the future findings! I find undersea discoveries fascinating, perhaps in part because my parents’ next door neighbor owns a research vessel and two mini subs, doing exactly this kind of work. Most people would think it odd to see a small submarine parked in the driveway, but not this guy. It fits right in next to the latest new Corvette and pickup he always has...


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I wonder if the message isn't always the same one?

"Run for your lives, bitches... we're all gonna die!"


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This is one place on Earth where no life can exist



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Well, the Guam rail, or ko'ko, has been reintroduced to the wild after ending up on the brink of extinction due to... you guessed it... stupid humans. But, the smarter humans managed to save it.

VERY COOL! [link]

This means that there may be hope, yet, for DdRT systems and people who don't own cranes, 100' reach bucket trucks, or chippers that can swallow a Redwood in one gulp.

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There is currently a thread on a woodworking forum I follow

A chemical engineer said that a drawback of the tannic acid paint over rust primers is that they have a shelf life less than a year. Don’t buy more than you can use up quickly. The other formulations last unless the storage container let’s air inside

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