SRT ropes article


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The hitch on the left, the Matt Cornell, works very good under the Wrench and moving rope system, but if the eye legs are kept very short, it can also be used in SRT. The right one is the Synergy X, somewhat long, but tying it tight with firm cord makes it work. Both of these were presented by others.
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This next one on the left is the Oval VT, a 4-2 VT that has an overhand knot for the second braid. The oval carabiner helps with the friction of the top braid, and put a bend in the rope. I’ve been using this one about five years. I recently came up with the right one, the Stitch Hitch, that works the same, but uses a small ring to confine the twist, that is used in place of the overhand. The tension of the wraps can be adjusted by moving the overhand, or the twist, slightly up or down.
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I’m now replacing the wraps with other hitches, adding the small ring and twist to allow them to be used on a fixed line, the Michoacán, Distel, and Knut H.
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All the above function like hitches on the Wrench, HH, or a moving rope system.
Wonderful stuff, thank you. I shall begin to have a look at them.


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Where in Michigan are you? Do you ever get out to rec climbs? Do you have any videos of climbing on any of these hitches? I have tried a bit to mess with them but I think I must be doing something wrong as i have not been able to get very good performance. If your in the Detroit area at some point, hit me up. I would love to have a play with what you have worked out.


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The hitches need a firm cord, with a tight cover. Something like Beeline doesn’t work because of the loosely braided cover. The Stich is the easier one to tie, the overhand knot can be problematic. The adjusting is also easier with the Stitch.

I’m about 45-60 min north of you, and definitely could get together. No videos and haven’t heard of any rec climbs in our area.