Rope wrench tether issues


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Yeah the issue of it shattering is a def concern. One of the reasons i have it backed up. I really like the idea of a rated tether with small pvc over it. Best of both worlds with out extra bulk. Might have to give it a try.

When using a wooden RW i had a failure. My hitch functioned perfectly and the result was nothing exciting. But because of that i'm fully comfortable with my set up even if my tether was to fail. Though sharp splinters would not be good.

I call the material plexi glass because i don't recall the real name. Its a material that is designed not to shatter. My neighbor used it for his skid loader window and roof. This is made out of his scraps.

Still working on a picture. Don't know what i did with the one i already took.
I've been using a Petzl Spirit Express quickdraw sling as a lanyard on my Rope Wrench and it's been working great. I don't have a quick release pin, but I have never had an issue with the Rope Wrench inverting.

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