a wee bit sensitive are we?
dude im not knocking that style, that hard,
anyways, my groundies that were fully inked with nazi stuff on em had to wear long sleaves, they didnt complain and neither did i, as long as they worked like they were still on the fire line i didnt care....cut that brush boys... i just was brought into the business with an old school style, and i dont agree with the way things are going these days, not that i can change anything.
and high school kids these says are getting lamer and lamer as we speak..shaving legs to look cool, half of em i see have that heroin chic look going.. makes me feel concerned for the future generations...
but what do i know? , im still living in an old school world... could be the military streak in me...so have fun and peirce away.......all i know is
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I have 1 tat and 1 pierce reserves did it in for the peirce. I am not that old but I do listen to the elders on in the dept. as for the tats all over and piercings all over go for it have a day just remeber when you have a bussinesse going and you are in charge and lil ol miss bliss gasps at you and your acsesseries you then will see that all over thing is now hidem thing. I do not disaprove of any of it I lived half my childhood in Cleveland and man that was trama for Freud to figure out. For the youngins out there gettin ready for the world of profesonailism just remember what is it worth to you tats all over and pierces all over or some tats that mean something and a couple of pierces that do not make someone gasp... trust me I have witnessed it and watched the boss ask the kid to cover or leave the job site.
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About ten years ago I'd decided to grow my hair and wear it primarily bound in a pony tail. I wore it that way for a few years.

Upon reflection I can definitely say business fell off noticeably as a result. So far as I know, nothing else about me had changed...


You just didn't carry yourself properly, that's all.

Don't beat yourself up over it.


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Come to think of it, Steve Houser who has our championship cup named after him and is one of the most successfull Arborists in the great state of Texas has a long [what???] pony tail. I wonder how he did it? Mabey his clients (most of Dallas) just listened to what he had to say and respected his contributions to the community. Mabey your clients where fine with your pony tail and god was just punishing you for some thing else at the time you had it. Perhaps your hair cut just coinsided with some other good act on your part that allowed bussiness and your karma to improve.


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I'm not beatin' myself up over it, Butch. In fact, I'm just about half way to another tail now. It's about time to [what?] or get off the pot. :0

It could have been something else that caused the slump in business. I've considered that. I just thought it was pertinent to the discussion that it was possibly my appearance and nothing else. First impressions and all that stuff...

The reason I'm wearing my Tevas while donning the chainsaw chaps is I was at the Louisville Expo and wanted to see what the then-about-to-be-released Husq. 575XP was made of. I knew it weighed about as much as my 066; wanted to see if it could cut like it. It didn't, but wasn't entirely shabby. Just way too heavy for what it is. I kind of want to see what Stihl did with the 044 making the 441. If it's as good an improvement as the 361 is over the 036 it'll almost be a must-have.


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profesionalism is more than just apearance, an open smile and the ability to listen to customers will win you a bid with or without ink and pierceings, unfortunatley as this forum shows some people will never get past apearances. because of this i decided a long time ago to keep mine invisible to the public, it's my decision and me and my lady friends enjoy all the most. even some good friends have been stunned on occasion when i removed my shirt to reveal excess ink. Point is, it's my ink and my story, if you don't want to be judged wear longsleeves, or just keep the attitude on the up and up. even a con from pelican bay can be intelligent and professional, not many may invite him in for tea...
good style man,
im not capping on ink and peircings as a personal choice, just from the sale s point of view, old school clients, like old school style,
as an employer i do have a cetain appearance i like to keep,
and a tatt ed up face with all the face and head places to peirce full of metal isnt mine
as for sleeves or a few on the neck? not a complaint i have
and as far as being from a state correctional facility...you may fit in really well, and be welcome on my crew.
its the facial tats and piercings that go just a bit overboard, there is no covering it up..welcome to the buzz

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would you hire this guy?

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Did you see the movie 'Master and Commander' ?

Joe Plaisce,the older guy who's head Dr. Maturin opened up and trepanned, had 'Hold Fast' tattoed across his knuckles. When Lord Blakely comes aboard Joe pokes out his fists and gives LB a good grimace.

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