New Fall Arrest training requirement for Ontario?

At Universal Field Supplies , we are running a full day working at height Training course only for Arborists tough by an ISA certified Arborist.

The practical part of the course takes place in our new Arborist store where we have a Climbing tower . If anybody needs information please contact us.

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In Ontario the arborist industry is under Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) which used to be known as the Farm Safety Association. In regards to the new "working at heights" training, that is currently taking the place of "basics of fall protection" training. Do you need this to climb a tree? No! But if you operate a bucket truck or an aerial lift you must wear a fall protection harness and in order to wear that harness you must be trained with "basics of fall protection training" which is now WAH training. We haven't had to take it yet because our "basics of fall protection" tickets are still valid. I was told by my safety training consultant that it is an all day course where as the other was a couple hours. In 11 years I have had 3 random site visits by an MOL officer and they were all during storm clean up. We got perfect reports each time. He was blown away by the Sena headsets at the last visit. It amazes me how little they know about our industry. They checked the same things each time, chainsaw brakes were functioning, chain catchers on the saws, reverse bar on the chipper was fully functional, chainsaw pants and other PPE and that our bucket truck had a valid up to date boom inspection. All of my guys have chainsaw operators certificates, CPR/first aid, WHMIS, Basics of fall protection, aerial work device certificate, traffic control and safe operation of a brush chipper certifications. I have a safety training consultant that comes right to our shop and takes care of all of this for me in the winter months. I have safety manuals in each truck and photocopies of all of our tickets with records of training. When MOL shows up on site and they start asking about certificates and training, I hand them that binder. MOL is usually never around, it was during tornado clean up that I saw them each time. At the end of the day I feel better knowing all of my guys have the proper training and if anything was to ever happen my ass is covered as an employer.

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